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10th Planet -- 2003UB131

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new2003UB131 Named ERIS!


Professor Michael Brown and his team of astronomers found a body lager than Pluto, with all the makings of an official Dwarf PLANET. According to the new IAU definition, she is the largest dwarf planet and includes a Moon named Dysmonia. (Brown, n.d.a.)


A member of the Kuiper Belt, Eris takes about 560 years to orbit the sun. (Pluto takes 248, Sedna 1200 years!)Finally now 2003UB131 has been named for the the goddess of strife! Read about the naming here . . .


Definition of a PLANET! The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has just released a new definition for our solar system planets that has placed Eris as a 'Dwarf Planet' Read the full article here . . .


Professor Michael Brown has recently published a scientific paper on Eris. Read the full report here. . .


Zane Stein's Eris page is a comprehensive look at this planet's astronomy, mythology and astrology. Read his detailed work including ephemeris here . . .


The orbit of Eris is shown 'conceptually' below along with the orbits of 2003EL61, Pluto and Neptune to give an idea of distance. The inner planets, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Earth and Mercury, at this scale, are inside the middle dot that represents the sun! Sedna would be off the entire computer screen. (Brown, n.d.a.)


2003EL61 Orbit


Mythology of Eris, the Uninvited Guest: Coming soon!