Notes on the FANGtastic Sex Chat

Path of the Stray


Hi everyone! I want to thank FANGtasic Fiction for having me here on their very first author chat. This is such a pleasure. Happy New moon in Leo! These are some notes that we will add to after the chat so we are all on the same . . . page :)

Let’s start out with a few ideas about writing sex and intimacy.

Number one: All love is not sexual. Simple right? We know this, but let me repeat, all love between young healthy people in the story isn’t always going to work out well in the sack. As writers we need to know what the attraction is between our characters so readers can have experiences that are immersive and ‘real’. They need to ring true.

So first up, we need to understand some different kinds of attraction. These are the 4 types of love based on the ancient Greek meanings for  the word. In the west we call all these feelings ‘love’ or ‘making love’ but there are some important distinctions.

#1 type of attraction is Epithemia. To the Greeks this meant a physical, sensual, sexy love. An animal attraction. You know the one? ‘If it feels good, do it?’ ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with’. That kind of attraction. It’s tactile and of the body. It wants to get close. It wants to have sex because it’s on heat. Not because it is in love or feeling romantic or even erotic. (we’ll do erotic last)

#2 is Philia. The ancient Greeks distinguished philia from romantic love and erotic love calling it more ‘friendship’ and creative inspiration. There can be a deep sense of love and wanting to be together in companionship only. Characters can have a feeling of philia for each other and it really screws things up if they do have sex. Or if one character is feeling the ‘just friends’ love and the other is dying to have sex. Good problems for romantic storylines.

#3 is Erotic love. This is my favourite and I’ve actually a huge unpublished M/S on this idea of Eros. What is erotic? We think it’s about sex but that’s not often so. The root (and I’m talking language here guys) for the word ‘erotic’ is from the ancient Greek word Eros, the god of love who caused all things to mingle. When the ancient Greeks were talking about the erotic, they meant, ‘of Eros’ and this is a very particular kind of love.

It is when two OR more people come together in such a way there is a LASTING transformation. By this definition, sex is seldom erotic but it can be. The erotic relationship is heady, romantic, obsessive....what did they say in the film, Meet Joe Black? sing with rapture and dance like a dervish? Erotic is all consuming passion. The other becomes the god. This is great stuff to write but you can’t have it all the time or you burn out.

Finally #4 is Agape, a divine love. A love that may not need the bodies to feel fulfilled. This is also tantric love, sex that opens our minds to another level of consciousness. (I told the story of Platonic love and will put those transcripts up soon!)

You can see that stories that mix these kinds of experiences, as when one character is in it for the rush of physical sensations only and the other is looking for erotic transformation, there’s going to be trouble.

We can also break down these different approaches further and look at how each ‘sign type’ might seduce a potential erotic love, sex, friend, spiritual partner. These are generally for rising signs, but you can get the idea.

Aries—Pounce. Usually little or no warning.

Taurus—Surprisingly sensual, though ardent. They selectively fail to hear the word ‘no.’

Gemini—Much talk before action. They seduce with words—sometimes quite eloquently.

Cancer—They retreat, you follow. Not opposed to emotional manipulation.

Leo—Beware of public places, unless you like such things!

Virgo—They seduce with atmosphere, candles, music, tantric manuals.

Libra—Wine, dine, listen and stir until there is nothing left between you but the erotic.

Scorpio—They seduce with their eyes. It takes 30 seconds or less and you’re a goner.

—They promise the world, and usually deliver.

—They buy you things. Excellent taste.

Aquarius—They use the element of surprise—often surprisingly well.

Pisces—Enchantment. Their very being is an aphrodisiac.

Sex to define character and world building.

Sex and intimacy reveals much about our characters and their inner drives and conflicts.

Their behaviour in such situations allows readers to get inside their heads without exposition or even dialogue. But more than that, sex and intimacy are essential elements of world building. They portray the social cultural paradigm in which the story is set.

Example: Bodice Rippers tells us something about the gender biases in our world. It also tells us something about our relationship to the sacred feminine and to ourselves as writers, male or female.

Writers are a mouth piece for the collective, we portray the hidden biases and values, and in speculative fiction, we ask, what if things were different?


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[19:11] <+KimFalconer> 1IWhen ppl log on, can they see what has already been written or only just from that moment on?
01[19:12] <@FangNZ> only from that moment on
[19:12] <+KimFalconer> I might pop some things up on my website then, so we're all on the same page. Just some ideas I want to introduce about erotic love . . .
01[19:13] <@FangNZ> cool - and if you send them through to me I can put them on the top of the chat room page too
[19:13] <+KimFalconer> I will! okay, food then notes then away we go! This is going to be a blast!
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[19:34] <+KimFalconer> I'm just putting some notes up on my falconastrology site, for ppl who get here late. All these ideas I'll post on the actual chat as well. We can add to the notes after :)
[19:34] <Tarran> what time is it in NSW?
01[19:34] <@FangNZ> Tarran - 7:30pm
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[19:42] <Visitor_63626> Okay, so Voyager gave everyone a bit of a fright
[19:42] <+KimFalconer> That's unfortunate . . . you aren't the FANGrosie must be why?
01[19:42] <@FangNZ> Evening lass
[19:42] <Visitor_63626> Was 7pm and suddenly I was worried that the chat was starting without me
[19:42] <+KimFalconer> Nat freaked me out with her 'on now' call!
[19:42] <Visitor_63626> Ach oy there lassie
[19:42] <+KimFalconer> Me too!
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01[19:46] <@FangNZ> Hey nicole!
[19:46] <Tarran> hello
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[19:46] <Lovebooks-Nic> Heya
[19:46] <+KimFalconer> So glad you're here too!
[19:46] <nicolemurphy> Wouldn't miss this for the world! Blood sugar sex magic - all my favourite things :)
[19:46] <Silvergull> Hi Nicole
[19:47] <+KimFalconer> tech advice. How do I sent a message to someone in the group? Commands?
01[19:47] <@FangNZ> double click on their name
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01[19:47] <@FangNZ> yay
01[19:48] <@FangNZ> double yay
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[19:48] <Lovebooks-Nic> Heya Rosie.....long time no see :)
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[19:48] <@RosieFangAu> HI Nicki - we've had our rain - sounds like you should be building an ark
[19:48] <+KimFalconer> There's Rosie!
[19:49] <@RosieFangAu> Funny - so many people say "there's Rosie"
[19:49] <Lovebooks-Nic> ha ha just about luv.......had to check the chooks weren't floating out the yard :)
[19:49] <Tarran> 6Hey Kim did you see what i posted on your wall? We sold all your books today
[19:49] <@RosieFangAu> must be because everything I do is a drama of some sort or another
[19:49] <+KimFalconer> no way! really! That just lights me up!
[19:49] <@RosieFangAu> Hi tarran - where are you from?
[19:49] <+KimFalconer> wow!
[19:49] <Tarran> A&R Edwardstown - Adelaide
[19:50] <@RosieFangAu> oooh I saw your tweet about Kim today
[19:50] <@RosieFangAu> Way to go - nice sales there4!

01[19:50] <@FangNZ> that's great news
[19:50] <Tarran> 6:)
[19:50] <nicolemurphy> Loved seeing the signing pics Tarran - I bet you and I actually met at Conjecture last year :)
[19:50] <Tarran> Haha Proberly! I was so shy and nervous
[19:50] <Tarran> I had to get Joel Shepherd to chase Trudi Canavan for me

[19:50] <nicolemurphy> Me too :)
[19:51] <nicolemurphy> See, I was hanging with Trudi, so that's probably where

06[19:51] * Tarran smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[19:51] <Tarran> 6Gah I wish i had cornered you too
[19:51] <nicolemurphy> Nah, I wasn't much of anything then - hadn't sold the books yet :)
[19:51] <Lovebooks-Nic> I have 10 mins so just going to grab another drink before we get into it properly
[19:52] <@RosieFangAu> oh, how did you do that smiles at everyone comment
[19:52] <Tarran> I can't wait till i get my hands on your second book Nicole
[19:52] <@RosieFangAu> *like this??
[19:52] <Tarran> i went to command
[19:52] <nicolemurphy> Proofing it right now so not long :)
01[19:52] <@FangNZ> ooohhh - you and me both there Tarran
[19:52] <Tarran> and picked smiles, i thought it would bring a smily face up
06[19:52] * nicolemurphy smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[19:53] <nicolemurphy> Oooh, there you go :)

[19:53] <Tarran> 6My Harper Rep always puts all the fantasy arcs aside for me :)
[19:53] <@RosieFangAu> Oh you smarty pants!! I'm still checking commands!!!
[19:53] <Lovebooks-Nic> Smiley
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[19:53] <nicolemurphy> Not sure they're doing an ARC for me this time, hope so
[19:53] <Lovebooks-Nic> Tee hee hee
06[19:53] * @RosieFangAu smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[19:53] <Tarran> :O
[19:53] <@RosieFangAu> oooh I'm smiling!
06[19:53] * @RosieFangAu slaps everyone in the room.

01[19:53] <@FangNZ> lol - as are we all rosie
[19:53] <Tarran> how does one do emotioncons
[19:53] <@RosieFangAu> (sorry, having fun now!)
[19:53] <nicolemurphy> Settle down, Rosie :)
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[19:54] <@RosieFangAu> snigger
[19:54] <Tarran> hahaha
01[19:54] <@FangNZ> hmm... not sure you can with this one - it's pretty low key
[19:54] <BothersomeWords> I see you're already getting hands-on, Rosie...
[19:54] <+KimFalconer> Tarran, you have to get in touch with your feelings and express them :)
[19:54] <TraceyO> hey there
[19:54] <Lovebooks-Nic> Oww what did you do that for......:(
[19:54] <BothersomeWords> (and Hi, everyone!)
01[19:54] <@FangNZ> larf
[19:54] <@RosieFangAu> yes well with this topic - hmm, noope not saying another word
[19:54] <+KimFalconer> Hey Tracey, thanks for joining in! Woot!
[19:54] <TraceyO> been very excited
[19:55] <@RosieFangAu> Hi Tracey - I'
[19:55] <Tarran> okay kim
[19:55] <TraceyO> and I am coming to Aussiecon - so we may meet in person :)
[19:55] <@RosieFangAu> ve got all the dips and chips and the doorbells ringing!!!!
[19:55] <Lovebooks-Nic> Umbrella me currently
[19:55] <@RosieFangAu> ve got all the dips and chips and the doorbells ringing!!!!
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[19:55] <TraceyO> Rosie - did you get your parcel
[19:55] <@RosieFangAu> Oh sorry - yes I did thanks, was still in my girl cave
[19:55] <nicolemurphy2> Somehow I got bumped - wonder how many nicolemurphy's we'll end up with.
[19:55] <+KimFalconer> This is interesting, we have two Nicoles. Are you a Gemini, my dear?
[19:55] <TraceyO> not a prob -
[19:56] <TraceyO> Nicole - hey there
[19:56] <@RosieFangAu> and I've got to get organised so I can coem to WorldCon too
[19:56] <nicolemurphy2> No, Piscean. Although that's often portrayed with two fishes...
[19:56] <nicolemurphy2> Hey Tracey.

[19:56] <Tarran> 6I need to buy my world con ticket
[19:56] <+KimFalconer> Pisces is one of the 'twin' signs, yes
[19:56] <nicolemurphy2> Sooooo excited about worldcon
[19:56] <Tarran> 6but my friend may be bailing on me so not sure where i'm gonna stay :(
[19:56] <@RosieFangAu> More twins!
[19:56] <+KimFalconer> I'm so looking forward to Worldcon...
[19:56] <nicolemurphy2> Ah, Kim, knowing there's a two-personality thing going here explains sooo much :)
[19:57] <TraceyO> me too - very excitex
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[19:57] <@RosieFangAu> Snort - yeah don't it though!
[19:57] <@RosieFangAu> So agree Nicole!

[19:57] <TraceyO> Rosie - are you coming
[19:57] <Lovebooks-Nic> Oh is that why I am double barrelled!!!!! lol
[19:57] <@RosieFangAu> And it's great how well your Secret Ones is going! Well done
[19:57] <BothersomeWords> Me too! I have a holiday b4 I am supposed to be excited about, but WorldCon is beating it so far. (shh)
[19:57] <+KimFalconer> ...after being 5 days at BBwriters fest, which was grand, but I was the only Voyager author, and the only spec fic author!
[19:57] <nicolemurphy2> I can't get over the reaction to Secret Ones - I'm stunned.
[19:58] <@RosieFangAu> Yep tracey - just need to do the bookings but I've at least made the decision that AussieCon here I come!
[19:58] <TraceyO> Kim - hope to come to that one day
[19:58] <nicolemurphy2> I'm going to NZ con first - will be all conned out by the end of Melbourne
[19:58] <BothersomeWords> Yay, Rosie!
[19:58] <TraceyO> found a great hotel
[19:58] <@RosieFangAu> Kim I saw quite a fwe writeups and blogs about the BB Writer's Festival - so glad you represented spec fiction
[19:58] <TraceyO> if you want details email me
[19:58] <nicolemurphy2> Here here Kim, well done.
[19:58] <+KimFalconer> It's beautiful up here (though raining now) and next year we WILL have a spec fic force!
[19:58] <Tarran> I need a cheap one
[19:58] <Tarran> lol

[19:59] <+KimFalconer> I was very proud to be the voice of Spec Fic!
[19:59] <@RosieFangAu> Oooh - great hotel - yes will; email
[19:59] <nicolemurphy2> I've gone all expensive at Worldcon - staying at the Crowne - but that's what advances are for, right? :)
[19:59] <Tarran> 6I saw your blog on Voyagerblog
[19:59] <@RosieFangAu> Ali, we're about to LAUNCH!!!!!
[19:59] <BothersomeWords> It's about time all these Writing Festivals had a spec fic voice!
[19:59] <TraceyO> I got a great deal at the Vibe Savoy - $129 + bfast through travel zoo
[19:59] <+KimFalconer> That blog was the tip of the ice berg as they say!
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[20:00] <@RosieFangAu> I think I hear the bells ringing!
[20:00] <@RosieFangAu> it must be 8pm and time to talk sex

[20:00] <Tarran> lol
[20:00] <+KimFalconer> Seriously I had to keep explaining why spec fic was for adults and what it was etc etc
[20:00] <@RosieFangAu> All this verbal foreplay was great and all, but time to get to the real stuff!
[20:00] <+KimFalconer> Abigail, will I be in trouble if I don't punctuate properly???
[20:00] <Lovebooks-Nic> hoowah!! good stuff....yes I'm ready now.....
[20:00] <TraceyO> Oh Kim - hugs - now lets get dirty
[20:00] <+KimFalconer> or spell?
[20:00] <+KimFalconer> I love it when they say that
[20:00] <+KimFalconer> yes let'

[20:01] <Tarran> 6lol
[20:01] <@RosieFangAu> So Kim what's the tone going to be tonight, are we going for insightful ...or just go straight for the smut???
[20:01] <+KimFalconer> let's begin
[20:01] <BothersomeWords> LOL Kim, watch me make my own typos!
[20:01] <Tarran> :)
[20:01] <+KimFalconer> I thought we would start out insightful and degrade into smuttiness
06[20:01] * Tarran Laughs-Out-Loud!!
[20:01] <@RosieFangAu> yay!!!!
[20:01] <TraceyO> awesome
[20:01] <Lovebooks-Nic> Rosie at the rate we are going I am going to have to ask hubby to bring me a biggggg bottle of wine home :)
[20:01] <nicolemurphy2> Good plan, Kim :)
01[20:01] <@FangNZ> a rather natural progression
[20:01] <+KimFalconer> First I want to talk about a few different kinds of love
[20:01] <Tarran> Butterfly
[20:02] <Tarran> sorry pressed wrong button

06[20:02] * @RosieFangAu rings the bell
[20:02] <+KimFalconer> Shall I introduce myself or do we all know me better than my mother does?
01[20:02] <@FangNZ> <- biased fan
[20:03] <@RosieFangAu> Kim, it's so good that you've come to our first fangchat
[20:03] <+KimFalconer> Let me just say thank you to FANGtasic fiction for having me!
[20:03] <+KimFalconer> (you can run with that)

[20:03] <@RosieFangAu> I think that most people will know you but I must say that the Spell of Rosette was a real favourite for me of your books :)
[20:04] <+KimFalconer> Thank you:) Okay, some basics first: These notes will be online but let'
[20:04] <+KimFalconer> s get this started

[20:04] <nicolemurphy2> *whispers* I haven't read any of Kim's books yet. Sorry. I will, I swear :)
[20:04] <+KimFalconer> Let’s start out with a few ideas about writing sex and intimacy. Number one: All love is not sexual. Simple right? We know this, but let me repeat, all love between young healthy people in the story isn’t always going to work out well in the sack. As writers we need to know what the attraction is between our characters so readers can have experiences that are immersive and ‘real’.
[20:04] <Tarran> 6haha
[20:04] <Lovebooks-Nic> Nicole = it is ditto here too
[20:04] <TraceyO> me either - but have om my tbe\
[20:04] <TraceyO> tbr
[20:04] <+KimFalconer> Maybe you'll win one tonight, Nicole!
03[20:05] * Jason ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:05] <+KimFalconer> They need to ring true.
[20:05] <Tarran> i find it hard writing sex scenes sometimes
[20:05] <+KimFalconer> So first up, we need to understand some different kinds of attraction. These are the 4 types of love based on the ancient Greek meanings for the word. In the west we call all these feelings ‘love’ or ‘making love’ but there are some important distinctions.
[20:05] <Tarran> one reader said it sounded like a 16yr old virgin wrote it
[20:05] <TraceyO> I agree and all sex is not love too'
[20:05] <Lovebooks-Nic> True there is nothing worse than reading a scene and it just doesn't seem believable
[20:06] <+KimFalconer> This is why it's helpful to know what KIND of sex your character is having
[20:06] <BothersomeWords> That goes for any scene - need to believe fight scenes, arguments etc, too.
[20:06] <+KimFalconer> #1 type of attraction is Epithemia. To the Greeks this meant a physical, sensual, sexy love. An animal attraction. You know the one? ‘If it feels good, do it?’ ‘If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with’. That kind of attraction. It’s tactile and of the body. It wants to get close. It wants to have sex because it’s on heat. Not because it is in love or feeling romantic or eve
[20:06] <BothersomeWords> Maybe more so if they're arguments between lovers?
[20:06] <nicolemurphy2> Score Kim - KIND of sex - that's perfect way to say it.
[20:06] <+KimFalconer> or even erotic. (we’ll do erotic last)
[20:07] <@RosieFangAu> Like that explanation
[20:07] <+KimFalconer> I want to look at these 4 differnt we have the physical HORN, Randy kind - Epithemia
[20:07] <+KimFalconer> Everyone know that kind?
02[20:07] * Jason ( Quit (Quit: Jason)
[20:07] <Silvergull> yes
[20:07] <Lovebooks-Nic> Uh huh
[20:07] <TraceyO> I write erotica for Harlequin
[20:07] <@RosieFangAu> it helps with a number of books, esp paranormal romances with shifters where the 'heat' factors in before the heart
03[20:07] * JG ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:07] <TraceyO> so looking forward to that :)
[20:07] <Silvergull> I may have to remove my jumper
[20:08] <@RosieFangAu> huh? well I'm looking forward to ... nope won't go there
[20:08] <nicolemurphy2> Wanna get into the writing erotica
[20:08] <+KimFalconer> Yes, heat factor. you can mix these kinds, but it gets interesting when one persion is after the physical and the other after something else....
[20:08] <Lovebooks-Nic> Trying to chat without daughter looking at what I am up to....everytime I laugh she wants to wander over.....grrrrr!!
[20:08] <+KimFalconer> Or if the character doens't even know what they want but just thinks of what they 'should' want
[20:08] <+KimFalconer> #2 is Philia. The ancient Greeks distinguished philia from romantic love and erotic love calling it more ‘friendship’ and creative inspiration.
03[20:09] * Mitenae ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:09] <Lovebooks-Nic> Ah would that be the friends with benefits version?
[20:09] <Mitenae> Hello all
[20:09] <Silvergull> my thought exactly
[20:09] <+KimFalconer> Characters can have a feeling of philia for each other and it really screws things up if they do have sex.
[20:09] <Tarran> 6Hi
[20:09] <Silvergull> hi
01[20:09] <@FangNZ> Heya
[20:09] <JG> sex can often wreck an otherwise great friendship!
[20:09] <+KimFalconer> Or friends without benefits too
03[20:09] * tessr ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:09] <Lovebooks-Nic> Smiley
[20:09] <+KimFalconer> yes. it can! do you know why?
[20:10] <Silvergull> soon to be not friends
[20:10] <Tarran> 6too much pressure
[20:10] <JG> no... prey do tell?
[20:10] <Mitenae> yes, but it makes for lots of great story
[20:10] <nicolemurphy2> Love the idea of having men and women have friendship without sex
01[20:10] <@FangNZ> changes the dynamic
[20:10] <+KimFalconer> Because of KIND #3 Eros
[20:10] <Lovebooks-Nic> and a change in the direction of the friendship to based on the body rather than the emotion
[20:10] <Silvergull> angst
[20:10] <+KimFalconer> #3 is Erotic love. This is my favourite and I’ve actually a huge unpublished M/S on this idea of Eros.
[20:10] <+KimFalconer> We think it’s about sex but that’s not often so. The root (and I’m talking language here guys) for the word ‘erotic’ is from the ancient Greek word Eros, the god of love

01[20:11] <@FangNZ> snort
[20:11] <+KimFalconer> Do we have angst already? What's happening Silvergull?
[20:11] <Silvergull> lover of psyche
[20:11] <Mitenae> What's the orignial definition of the word?
[20:11] <+KimFalconer> Yes, he was....
[20:11] <nicolemurphy2> With you Ali - snort indeed :)
[20:11] <+KimFalconer> It is when two OR more people come together in such a way there is a LASTING transformation. By this definition, sex is seldom erotic but it can be.
01[20:12] <@FangNZ> (clarifing... that was a snigger snorting)
[20:12] <Lovebooks-Nic> can I say no comment Smiley
[20:12] <@RosieFangAu> Kim not sure on your last comment
[20:12] <Silvergull> Do you think Eros would have had an Oedipal complex? What with Aphrodite being his Mum?
[20:12] <+KimFalconer> Eros or erotic love could happen in theater, with the crowd transformed by the play, or with music, or can also be a very passionate, sexy love
[20:12] <@RosieFangAu> sex is seldom erotic ....
[20:13] <Silvergull> Sex SHOULD be erotic.
[20:13] <+KimFalconer> but not always, yes Rosie. How many times can we say that sex transformed us?
[20:13] <Lovebooks-Nic> Rosie.....I have to say I do disagree with you there.....
[20:13] <@RosieFangAu> not enough
[20:13] <+KimFalconer> The erotic relationship is heady, romantic, obsessive....what did they say in the film, Meet Joe Black? I want to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish?
02[20:13] * TraceyO ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:13] <@RosieFangAu> *sigh*
[20:13] <Silvergull> sigh
03[20:13] * TraceyOH (java@EF2859BB.FFDA7DF0.DCC2850A.IP) has joined #fangbooks
01[20:13] <@FangNZ> lol - yes
[20:14] <+KimFalconer> Well, sex is what it is, physical, friendship, erotic. It's not so much about should as in knowing what you want, or what your characters want
02[20:14] * TraceyOH (java@EF2859BB.FFDA7DF0.DCC2850A.IP) Quit (Quit: Goodbye)
[20:14] <Silvergull> there's all this melting of the boundary between self and other.
[20:14] <@RosieFangAu> no no I wasn't saying that sex is seldon erotic that was part of Kim's explanation of transformational love
[20:14] <+KimFalconer> yea, it makes us sigh just thinking about that.
[20:14] <nicolemurphy2> So erotic is more about touching the soul than the body or heart?
[20:14] <JG> thing with sex is the first time with someone new like two characters, it should rarely be amazing for both
[20:15] <Silvergull> 'potential' is such a turn on
01[20:15] <@FangNZ> hmm... i think it's more the build up to the sex that's is normally erotic, rather than the act itself
[20:15] <Mitenae> I read a great article about writing sex scenes and it said that the best one are the ones where it never about the act but that sex something else is going on internally.
[20:15] <+KimFalconer> Yes, I was saying sex is seldom erotic in the ancient sense of the word. We call porn erotic now, or explicit, but that is NOT the original meaning of the word. I'm talking about Eros, not porn.
[20:15] <+KimFalconer> The original feelings are there in us

[20:15] <Mitenae> JG but that's an ideal
[20:15] <+KimFalconer> Yes, Mitenae, we were talking about this at the BBWF on Friday
[20:16] <Lovebooks-Nic> Hmm I have to say, I love the JD Robb love scenes because while they are spicy and energetic, they are also erotically written imho
[20:16] <Mitenae> It's romantic and what we, as a reader, want but it's not necessarily the best for the story or the characters
[20:16] <JG> I've never written anything with sex in it so I guess I shouldn't comment
[20:16] <+KimFalconer> Unless you are writing pornographic, sex scenes are not about the bodies, it's about the feelings the characters have
01[20:16] <@FangNZ> but there is also an increably strong emotional commitment in those nicky
[20:16] <+KimFalconer> Oh JG do comments... all thoughts are valid here!
[20:16] <Silvergull> Erotic sex is an exploration,
[20:17] <Lovebooks-Nic> Oops just taking a call
[20:17] <+KimFalconer> Erotic sex takes us somewhere we;ve never been before and we are forever changed from it
[20:17] <Mitenae> But you've read. Your opinion matters JG
[20:17] <@RosieFangAu> Actually for me reading a good sex scene is about the feelings, but it's also the bodies and description of the building heat, the touching the ....
[20:17] <+KimFalconer> I'll just mention sex KIND #4. Of course there are others too
01[20:17] <@FangNZ> oh lordy yes... would not want to make anyone feel censored (we're an opinionated bunch, or should be)
[20:17] <Mitenae> And the characters are changed by it, for good or ill
[20:17] <BothersomeWords> Best scenes are usually the ones that conjure up emotion and atmosphere, not anatomical description
[20:17] <JG> in real life I've always thought sex without love is so empty and I'm a guy saying that. Sex without love is no better that a solo effort IMHO! just the act.
[20:18] <@RosieFangAu> I don't want it to all be cerebrakl or all heart - I want the seat to pour off the page too
[20:18] <+KimFalconer> Yes, the characters are changed
[20:18] <Mitenae> Has anyone read American Psycho?
[20:18] <+KimFalconer> Well it is just the act, JG, with the added stimulation of another person, but it's not erotic in the Greek sense of the word
01[20:18] <@FangNZ> depends on the 'reason' for the sex i think JG - it can certainly be hot, fun, sexy, without 'love'
[20:18] <JG> funny thing with sex, like Porn if it doesn't look / read / feel real then its a joke
[20:18] <+KimFalconer> and it's not love
[20:18] <+KimFalconer> as I understand it

[20:18] <Silvergull> Then there's stuff like Madonna's 'Beautiful Stranger'. The attraction of the taboo.
[20:19] <BothersomeWords> Although if the physical description is well done, it can work - but got to be careful not to jar readers with the wording.
03[20:19] * maryv ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:19] <+KimFalconer> Eros LOVES taboo!
[20:19] <BothersomeWords> One persons "hot" is another person's turn-off. Is why hints can work so much better.
[20:19] <+KimFalconer> Taboos make the erotic all the more intense!
[20:19] <@RosieFangAu> or use so many euphamisms that it becomes a joke
[20:19] <+KimFalconer> and that's something to remember in writing sex scenes
[20:19] <Tarran> 6one of my customers loves the erotica that have 3 or more partners
[20:19] <maryv> late to the party, but arrived...
[20:19] <+KimFalconer> don't make it too easy for them to root all the time! he he he
[20:20] <Mitenae> It also works better to be really cold with the writing.Over use of adjectivites can make the scene tacky
[20:20] <@RosieFangAu> breaking a taboo in a situation of trust is a powerful thing
[20:20] <+KimFalconer> Hi Mary!!!!
[20:20] <+KimFalconer> Glad you came

[20:20] <Tarran> 6hi mary
[20:20] <Mitenae> Hi Mary!
[20:20] <maryv> hi Kim n' company!
[20:20] <Silvergull> "Thou wert fair in the fearless old fashion and they lips are as melodies yet, and move to the music of passion with lythe and lascivious regret."
[20:20] <@RosieFangAu> Hi mary - jump on in - we're having fun
[20:20] <BothersomeWords> Hi mary! *waves*
[20:20] <+KimFalconer> if anyone wants to look at my notes (for those who came late (OMG) they are here
[20:20] <maryv> I can tell. I'm catching up
01[20:20] <@FangNZ> but i think taboo breaking for a purpose.. not just for the sake of exploring how many people you can get in a bed
[20:20] <+KimFalconer>
[20:20] <Mitenae> Thnaks
[20:21] <JG> so if you write very explicit content *some* people will be offended and think you the author might be a deviant. Flip side, if you write too high level like a romantic book might do then they think you are too weak a writer to write something original and not full of cliches...?
[20:21] <Mitenae> Has to move the story forward
[20:21] <+KimFalconer> Taboo breaking is a way to get outside the social paradigm and that can mean psychic growth
01[20:21] <@FangNZ> (have put the link up on the chat room as well, in case anyone wants to go over them again later)
[20:21] <Silvergull> Breaking a taboo is adventuring. Exploring the other. Does things to hormones. Adrenaline rush. Fear risk.
[20:22] <nicolemurphy2> Hi mary :)
[20:22] <Mitenae> It's also a way to explore character within society and its expectations
[20:22] <+KimFalconer> Yes, it has to move the story forward/ Something has to happen in the's not like eating breakfast
[20:22] <+KimFalconer> Yes, exactly. That was my big thing. Sex is a tool for world building. can you see why?
[20:22] <maryv> interesting that fear is such a turn on. Why? Survival? Sex + death = vampires
[20:22] <Tarran> how long is a goos sex scene meant to be?
[20:22] <Tarran> good*
01[20:23] <@FangNZ> as long as it takes to get the 'point' across? ;)
[20:23] <Silvergull> How long? as long as it's good
[20:23] <JG> fear means adrenalin and survival means increased appreciation of being alive - sex = joy of life...
[20:23] <@RosieFangAu> Hmmm, one book recently was a full chapter for one sex scene - was intense and riveting
[20:23] <BothersomeWords> Think that's a great point about world-building Kim -
[20:23] <@RosieFangAu> no [pun
[20:23] <Mitenae> How a society views sex, it's customs, taboos and restrictions is tells the reader a lot about the worlds
[20:23] <+KimFalconer> ha, I was talking to HC crew about this at bbwf. Shona told me about a 50 page (I kid you not) scene where the male character was trying to give a girl an orgasm. It took 50 pages
[20:23] <BothersomeWords> The sex is also another thing that needs to be true to the characters and their world.
[20:23] <Tarran> wow
[20:23] <maryv> 50 pages - snerk
[20:23] <+KimFalconer> Can't recall title, will have to ask.
[20:23] <@RosieFangAu> yawn - 50 pages
[20:24] <JG> that character was doing it wrong - LOL
[20:24] <+KimFalconer> I know
[20:24] <nicolemurphy2> Love the idea of sex as a way of revealing the world :)
[20:24] <@RosieFangAu> I'd be reaching for panadol
01[20:24] <@FangNZ> one of my favourite explorations of sexuality is jenna black's exploration of BDSM in her morgan kingley UF series
[20:24] <+KimFalconer> lol good one JG
[20:24] <Tarran> lol
[20:24] <@RosieFangAu> Oh yeah - fully agree on Jenna Black
[20:24] <maryv> I agree Nicole
[20:24] <JG> if you wrote about Roman times sex was completely open and not taboo at all (just watch Spartacus series)
[20:24] <BothersomeWords> 50 pages? Ow.
[20:24] <+KimFalconer> Spec Fic gives us the oportunity to explore sexuality without judgements
[20:25] <Tarran> what about religion? thats a big favtor with sex
[20:25] <Tarran> factor*
01[20:25] <@FangNZ> well... i think the point of explorating sexuality IS to judge.. and to question how you judge
[20:25] <+KimFalconer> I mean, if we're with a shape-shifter and she happens to be a wolf at the time . . .
[20:25] <Mitenae> and within different cultural perspectigves
[20:25] <Silvergull> There can be the tantric side - sacred and joining with the shakti
01[20:25] <@FangNZ> i loathe religion in my fantasy (personally)
[20:26] <Mitenae> ...and her partner is something completely different...
[20:26] <+KimFalconer> Interesting, I think religion and judgement go together...they are themes of judgement, saying one thing is right and another is wrong
[20:26] <nicolemurphy2> Religion and the impact on sexuality can give you some ready-built tension
[20:26] <@RosieFangAu> was at an author conference last year when there was a general agreement that no one would write about shifters having sex in animal form
[20:26] <@RosieFangAu> as it wouldn't be accepted
[20:26] <+KimFalconer> I like doing both--showing a world where something is 'wrong' and another where it is 'right'
01[20:26] <@FangNZ> ah - i very really say 'right and wrong' - more like 'icky' or 'nice'
[20:26] <Silvergull> Furries?
[20:26] <@RosieFangAu> and then someone asked what about dragons or eagles spiralling in the sky and everyone changed their minds
[20:26] <+KimFalconer> so we can learn to let go of the value judgements
[20:26] <nicolemurphy2> But really, when you're reading shifter sex, there's an element of the animal already there.
[20:26] <maryv> yep I was remembering Pern
[20:27] <Mitenae> because wrong and right are choices, pov's we take on
[20:27] <@RosieFangAu> because the emotions of that visual were so powerful that they all stopped worrying about what people would think
[20:27] <nicolemurphy2> Do it well enough and anything can work :)
[20:27] <Silvergull> I wrote one about two white tigers rolling in the snow
[20:27] <+KimFalconer> I love white tigers
01[20:27] <@FangNZ> Katie MacAlister explores the beastatliy issue 'covertly' by having one of the characters point out, that if you're having sex with a dragon (even in human form) he's still and animal.. so that's beasital sex
[20:27] <@RosieFangAu> see tigers in the snow - gorgeous
[20:27] <BothersomeWords> Tender Morsels, anyone?
[20:28] <+KimFalconer> I think the Pern dragons is a good example as the beasts were having sex with each other and through their humans....
[20:28] <maryv> It was cerebral but the animal connection def there
[20:28] <nicolemurphy2> She didn't actually do it with the bear - jsut thought about it - and it was beautifully done
[20:28] <+KimFalconer> I still have't read it. Waiting to get in on my kindle
[20:28] <Silvergull> Yes why is Pern such a turn on for young girls?
[20:28] <nicolemurphy2> One of the best books EVA! Love Tender Morsels
[20:28] <Mitenae> It's all about the dragons
[20:28] <Tarran> I never really got into Pern * please dont hurt me
06[20:29] * @RosieFangAu slaps nobody in particular around with a large trout!
[20:29] <Mitenae> I was reading Stephen King
[20:29] <Tarran> lol
[20:29] <+KimFalconer> I don't think there are taboos in writing any kind of sex, like Nicole said, it's how it is delivered that makes it immersive or not
[20:29] <maryv> haha PErn hater
01[20:29] <@FangNZ> (neither did I tarren - more weis and hickman/moorcock)
[20:29] <@RosieFangAu> I was trying to smack tarran LOL
[20:29] <Mitenae> and whether it's actually there for a reason (as it should be)
[20:29] <Tarran> i love weis
[20:29] <BothersomeWords> Yes, brilliant! But I thought TM was a great example of writing human and beast - and she showed the dark side as well as the love.
[20:29] <@RosieFangAu> I'll put the trout away now
[20:29] <Tarran> *ducks Fangs slao
[20:29] <Tarran> slap*
01[20:30] <@FangNZ> lol
[20:30] <nicolemurphy2> Have you mentioned number four yet Kim? :)
[20:30] <@RosieFangAu> oh the topic
[20:30] <+KimFalconer> I think persn is a turn on for young girls because they can identify with having so much personal power, a dragon representing inner strength, something they may have yet to develope
[20:30] <Silvergull> So. What is erotic about fish slapping?
03[20:30] * TraceyOH ( has joined #fangbooks
06[20:30] * nicolemurphy2 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[20:30] <+KimFalconer> oh, #4 Agape
[20:30] <TraceyOH> I made it back
[20:30] <maryv> agape agape
02[20:30] * tessr ( Quit (Quit: tessr)
[20:30] <+KimFalconer> Hi Tracey
[20:30] <+KimFalconer> Finally #4 is Agape, a divine love. A love that may not need the bodies to feel fulfilled. This is also tantric love, sex that opens our minds to another level of consciousness.
[20:30] <Lovebooks-Nic> Ok back - sorry first time using my new merch facility.....very exciting times Smiley
[20:31] <TraceyOH> I missed the erotic one
[20:31] <Tarran> that orgasmic bliss?
[20:31] <@RosieFangAu> my laughter is echoing around the entire neighbourhood!!!
[20:31] <Mitenae> I heard years ago that Indians have 9 forms of love
[20:31] <@RosieFangAu> Oh tracey - missed out huh?
[20:31] <+KimFalconer> This is not obsessive like Eros but it can really lead to new horizons, changes
01[20:31] <@FangNZ> just 9?
[20:31] <JG> what about submissive sex, like where a character is enthralled? where does that fit?
[20:31] <Lovebooks-Nic> Okay think I caught up - the fourth is based on taboos right?
[20:31] <TraceyOH> stoopid thunderstorm
[20:31] <nicolemurphy2> Fang and Fang - you're going to have transcript, right?
[20:31] <maryv> how do you find agape Kim? Hard to write?
[20:31] <JG> Tracey if I wasn't married I would show you (joke)
[20:31] <BothersomeWords> totally keep reading taboos as "tattoos"
01[20:32] <@FangNZ> lol
[20:32] <+KimFalconer> and my notes which will grow
[20:32] <+KimFalconer> Tattoos are erotic, I promise
06[20:32] * TraceyOH smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[20:32] <Lovebooks-Nic> cool - thanks for that :)
[20:32] <nicolemurphy2> Are there examples of Eros in print or film?
[20:32] <Silvergull> I read somere - I think it was a yoga sutra - some early text - that love is the glue that holds the world together. The force of attraction that stops the world falling apart.
[20:32] <+KimFalconer> i mean, getting them
[20:32] <BothersomeWords> You promise? I am not sure how to take that...
01[20:32] <@FangNZ> agree there kim
[20:32] <+KimFalconer> Eros was the god that caused all things to mingle
[20:33] <+KimFalconer> I mean, empahsis :)
[20:33] <nicolemurphy2> I mean Agape, not Eros :)
[20:33] <Tarran> love is the most powerful force there is, have any of you read masmoto Emoto water books
[20:33] <BothersomeWords> O...kay. Need to be way more careful about where to go to get my first tattoo...
[20:33] <+KimFalconer> There was a Q up there...hang on
[20:33] <Mitenae> Wasn't eros one of the four original gods after Gaia?
[20:33] <@RosieFangAu> STOP STOP - who here isn't in the draw to win a copy of Kim's Stone of Rosette or Path of the Stray
[20:33] <Tarran> not sure if i am
[20:33] <Tarran> didnt reliase there was one
[20:33] <BothersomeWords> How do we go in?
[20:33] <nicolemurphy2> Me neither :)
[20:33] <+KimFalconer> oh, submissive sex. I think it explores issues of trust, and risk
[20:33] <TraceyOH> me
[20:33] <@RosieFangAu> hands up if you don't want a chance to win a book
[20:33] <Mitenae> Not me, I have copies of both
[20:33] <Silvergull> don't think I am
[20:33] <JG> me - how do I enter the draw?
[20:33] <Lovebooks-Nic> um I don't think I Tarran I didn't know
[20:33] <TraceyOH> I'm not
[20:34] <TraceyOH> snap
[20:34] <+KimFalconer> The erotic (Greek sense) requires we take a risk
[20:34] <Silvergull> how do I enter?
[20:34] <JG> hands down, hands down!@
06[20:34] * @RosieFangAu rings the bell
[20:34] <Lovebooks-Nic> I would love to win one
[20:34] <+KimFalconer> Yes, please enter the draw!
[20:34] <Lovebooks-Nic> Okay how do we enter the draw?
[20:34] <@RosieFangAu> okay can I interrupt tom say that at random 15,30 45 and 60 mins someone will have a book
[20:34] <maryv> me too please...
[20:34] <@RosieFangAu> let me scan back for the first two winners!!
[20:34] <JG> Kim rocks, let me win pretty please !!! beg grovel, you are awesome...
[20:34] <@RosieFangAu> Okay - sorry Kim - back to you
[20:34] <Silvergull> me three please
[20:34] <BothersomeWords> *sits on hands* (or maybe just one hand - already have 2 copies of Spell...)
[20:35] <+KimFalconer> Well we are past 15 and 30...have you done them?>
[20:35] <Tarran> lol
[20:35] <TraceyOH> elbow JG - me first
[20:35] <maryv> myyyyyy precious
01[20:35] <@FangNZ> lol.. no ... we were bad (and a little caught up).. rosies srolling back to throw something at the screen now
[20:35] <JG> harumph, there goes your erotic enlightenment Tracey *wink*
06[20:35] * +KimFalconer smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[20:35] <Tarran> haha
[20:35] <BothersomeWords> I don't know if you're allowed to say things like that, Mary...
[20:35] <maryv> it's mine I tell you mine
[20:36] <+KimFalconer> You asked, Tarran, how to show emotions
[20:36] <Lovebooks-Nic> Arrgh emails,phone calls and kids.....Frown
[20:36] <@RosieFangAu> Okay first winner is tarran - The Spell of Rosette!!!!!
[20:36] <BothersomeWords> You spent FAR too long in that place, M...
[20:36] <JG> its like watching the single women via for the bouquet at a wedding reception!
[20:36] <Tarran> Woot!
[20:36] <Tarran> Thank you
[20:36] <@RosieFangAu> Okay first winner is tarran - the Spell of Rosette
[20:36] <+KimFalconer> What happens if Tarran has read it?
[20:36] <JG> all hail Tarran....
[20:36] <maryv> lucky Tarran
[20:36] <+KimFalconer> Hail Tarran!
[20:36] <@RosieFangAu> the first winner is Tarran - The Spell of Rosette
[20:36] <Tarran> I have read it, but for some reason i dont have a copie
[20:36] <nicolemurphy2> Can I just say - writing something that is anatomically possible is ALSO important? nothing worse than getting into a scene and thinking, 'Can the human body actually do that?'
[20:36] <TraceyOH> JG - oh well - might be worth it
[20:36] <Silvergull> lucky Tarran
[20:37] <TraceyOH> yay tarran
[20:37] <nicolemurphy2> Congrats Tarran
[20:37] <+KimFalconer> Well that is perfect because you may want again before Journey by Night
[20:37] <Tarran> Thank you
[20:37] <Lovebooks-Nic> Hooray for Tarran
[20:37] <JG> Tracey OOOH? as in ooooh GOD ?
06[20:37] * TraceyOH smiles at everyone in the room :-)
06[20:37] * Tarran smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[20:37] <+KimFalconer> okay, so are we drawing one more as it's past the 30?
[20:38] <JG> *how does one smile in here? noob alert....*
[20:38] <+KimFalconer> And meanwhile, can I talk about seduction?
[20:38] <BothersomeWords> Nicole - so true. Many a manuscript I have marked up with the words "how are they doing this?"
[20:38] <Silvergull> smile
01[20:38] <@FangNZ> yes - i think rosie just crashed mid draw
[20:38] <Lovebooks-Nic> I am just using the emoticons.....
[20:38] <Lovebooks-Nic> Sun
[20:38] <JG> ohh-kay.. I only know how to type in word...
[20:38] <JG> :P
[20:38] <Mitenae> Go ahead Kim
[20:38] <+KimFalconer> Seduction is often more sexy than the actual sex
[20:38] <JG> :)
[20:38] <maryv> hear ya Kim
[20:38] <+KimFalconer> I mean in the books of course
[20:38] <Mitenae> Yep
[20:38] <nicolemurphy2> Agree, Kim. The lead up, the teasing, the desire building...
[20:39] <Silvergull> hmm. There are certain loaded words - Seduction.....
[20:39] <JG> Is it just me or is it getting warmer in here?
[20:39] <nicolemurphy2> Wanting, needing but can't give in, not just yet, have to wait...
[20:39] <+KimFalconer> And, if we don't have a good strong connection with the characters, at least one of them, we aren't going to get off on the sex scenes, not immerse in them
[20:39] <Tarran> sure thing
[20:39] <+KimFalconer> exactly
[20:39] <Lovebooks-Nic> Yes, I can understand that
[20:40] <+KimFalconer> I have some quick one liners for how the different stars signs go about seduction...thought it might be fun
[20:40] <JG> mind sex? plausability is crucial or so I gues... *sigh*
[20:40] <Mitenae> agree Kim. Connecting to the characters is critical
[20:40] <+KimFalconer> we can add to them of course
[20:40] <nicolemurphy2> Go Kim, sounds great :)
[20:40] <Mitenae> Does
[20:40] <TraceyOH> I know when I do sex scenes or loves scenes for my novels - the language is different from the erotica stories I do
[20:40] <+KimFalconer> Yes, Mitenae, if we aren't immersed with the people in the book, who cares who they are with? it won't matter unless it matters to us
[20:41] <Silvergull> When there is an element of risk,
[20:41] <+KimFalconer> Okay, any Aries in the room?
[20:41] <+KimFalconer> These are more for rising signs but they can apply to sun signs as well
[20:41] <+KimFalconer> Just think of an Aries you've been with then :)
[20:41] <JG> Kim fires a flaming arrow at the Aries...?
[20:41] <+KimFalconer> Aries—Pounce. Usually little or no warning.
[20:42] <JG> like a tiger!
[20:42] <maryv> nice
[20:42] <+KimFalconer> Seriously, Aries thinks foreplay is a sports term....
01[20:42] <@FangNZ> yeah - but they don't let go
[20:42] <+KimFalconer> What do you mean, don't let it go?
[20:42] <Silvergull> Aries the Ram - fire sign. Cardinal, active.
06[20:42] * @RosieFangAu rings the bell
[20:42] <nicolemurphy2> Foreplay is a sports term *snigger*
[20:42] <@RosieFangAu> Second winner is Silvergull - the Spell of Rosette!
[20:42] <Lovebooks-Nic> Oh see I like the way Cancer works....slow measured and always assessing
[20:42] <+KimFalconer> Yes, the most Yang of all the signs
[20:43] <Silvergull> Yay!!!
[20:43] <Lovebooks-Nic> well done silvergull
[20:43] <Silvergull> Cancer is full yin
[20:43] <Silvergull> Yum. How do I claim?
[20:43] <+KimFalconer> Taurus—Surprisingly sensual, though ardent. They selectively fail to hear the word ‘no.’
[20:43] <+KimFalconer> Yes on the Cancer....
[20:43] <+KimFalconer> Cancer—They retreat, you follow. Not opposed to emotional manipulation.
[20:44] <nicolemurphy2> That second bit of Taurus has me going 'Hmm, not so much'
[20:44] <Lovebooks-Nic> They can also be extremely dominant....sometimes to the detriment of the relationship
[20:44] <Silvergull> Taurus, material, sensuous.
[20:44] <JG> well done Silvergull
[20:44] <JG> I am a bull ! :)
[20:44] <@RosieFangAu> snort
01[20:44] <@FangNZ> lol
[20:44] <@RosieFangAu> sure JG
[20:44] <JG> bring on the sensuous...
[20:44] <maryv> ha ha
[20:44] <+KimFalconer> Well, I think I am refering there to Taurus men....of which I am an expert on
[20:44] <JG> i am really!
[20:44] <Lovebooks-Nic> Rosie we are in trouble
[20:44] <JG> are you an expert on me ?
[20:44] <+KimFalconer> lol
[20:44] <@RosieFangAu> yep - oh dear
[20:44] <Tarran> what about piecse
[20:44] <@RosieFangAu> no no Gemini first
[20:45] <BothersomeWords> Oh dear
[20:45] <Lovebooks-Nic> no no no Rosie!!
[20:45] <@RosieFangAu> evil twin must wait
[20:45] <maryv> ah gemini
[20:45] <+KimFalconer> Pisces—Enchantment. Their very being is an aphrodisiac.
[20:45] <JG> I'm not sure if I am happy with that or want to run away and hide !
[20:45] <nicolemurphy2> Yes I am :)
[20:45] <nicolemurphy2> Me is Pisces :)
[20:45] <@RosieFangAu> Lol
[20:45] <TraceyOH> you enchantress Nic
[20:45] <@RosieFangAu> again - echoing laughter
[20:45] <Lovebooks-Nic> Rosie I think our paddle got lost up the creek
[20:45] <+KimFalconer> we aren't going in order! but Pisces is an aphrodesiac all to itself
[20:45] <Tarran> me too i am
[20:45] <+KimFalconer> I didn't spell that right
[20:45] <Tarran> lol
[20:45] <Silvergull> Piscies - romantic dreamer - trout.
[20:45] <BothersomeWords> I thought you were enchanting when I met you, Nicole...
[20:45] <@RosieFangAu> I wanne be
[20:45] <maryv> order shmorder
[20:45] <Mitenae> Capricorn?
[20:46] <@RosieFangAu> pick me - let me be an aphrodisiac too
[20:46] <nicolemurphy2> Aw, shucks :)
[20:46] <Silvergull> Where do I email address to?
[20:46] <Lovebooks-Nic> Okay Kim - can we have Gemini please
[20:46] <+KimFalconer> Pisces likes props too, like the mood set, the fine wine, the music, the right scents
[20:46] <maryv> yup evil twin rising here
[20:46] <TraceyOH> have you done sagittarius
[20:46] <BothersomeWords> whips, chains
[20:46] <nicolemurphy2> OMG Kim! Stop telling my secrets :)
[20:46] <maryv> goddamit gem
[20:46] <+KimFalconer> Gemini—Much talk before action. They seduce with words—sometimes quite eloquently.
[20:46] <Tarran> lol
[20:46] <Silvergull> gemini - airy, intellectual, teasing
[20:46] <TraceyOH> oooh Nic - propps
[20:46] <TraceyOH> props
[20:46] <maryv> YESSSSSSS
[20:46] <maryv> too much talk
[20:46] <+KimFalconer> we have to be able to communicate with them, to draw them first in with the mind
[20:47] <+KimFalconer> then the rest is ours he he he
[20:47] <Silvergull> gemini playful though
[20:47] <Lovebooks-Nic> yeah!! We are soo goooooodddd Rosie Smiley
[20:47] <BothersomeWords> lull them into a false sense of security
[20:47] <nicolemurphy2> Actually, a Gemini sounds quite nice ...
[20:47] <maryv> all in the mind
[20:47] <JG> my mate use to have a Gemini, best damn car... oh wait... umm... doh!
[20:47] <@RosieFangAu> Silvergull and Tarran pls email me at rosie dot fangtastic dot com dot au and I'll send your details to Voyager Books who have donated the books
[20:47] <Silvergull> mind is biggest erogenous zone
[20:47] <+KimFalconer> lol sometimes way too much talk (gem men of course, not woment)
[20:47] <maryv> totally silvergull
[20:47] <Lovebooks-Nic> too right :)
[20:47] <nicolemurphy2> Hear hear Silvergull :)
[20:47] <Lovebooks-Nic> But mostly always playfull too......
01[20:48] <@FangNZ> rosie - already got them.
[20:48] <+KimFalconer> I was going to say, Nat will sort at Voyager
[20:48] <BothersomeWords> JG - was it a fully sic Gem? My mate had one, too...
[20:48] <JG> lol
[20:48] <+KimFalconer> Yes, very playful and I will also say very highly sexed....likes a lot, lot lot
[20:48] <+KimFalconer> which is surprising becase gem gets bored easy
[20:48] <Lovebooks-Nic> Smiley
[20:48] <+KimFalconer> Do you find that, other gems?
[20:48] <maryv> are not bored! What were we talking about?
[20:48] <JG> have you done Libra yet? missus is one of those...
[20:48] <Silvergull> sometimes blow hot blow cold
[20:49] <Silvergull> libra! Do Libra
[20:49] <+KimFalconer> Can you see how giving your characters star signs can help with writing their sex scenes?
[20:49] <TraceyOH> no Sag
[20:49] <Lovebooks-Nic> Very isolated - libs
[20:49] <nicolemurphy2> This is great, Kim.
[20:49] <+KimFalconer> yes, silvergull, I agree with that
[20:49] <+KimFalconer> Leo—Beware of public places, unless you like such things! Seriously
[20:49] <Tarran> woot well i sent it to both email addys
[20:49] <BothersomeWords> not easily bored... I like to think of it as multitasking
[20:49] <JG> blow hot blow cold - what the?
[20:49] <Mitenae> Yep
[20:50] <maryv> yah multitasking
[20:50] <Silvergull> gemini - air sign - blows hot and cold
[20:50] <+KimFalconer> have we drawn 3 books so far? Who's getting Path of the Stray A very unique sex scene in there!
[20:50] <Tarran> have we done sga?
[20:50] <JG> me me me !
[20:50] <maryv> meeeeeee
06[20:50] * @RosieFangAu rings the bell
[20:50] <@RosieFangAu> And the Third winner is Maryv - who gets a copy of The Path of the Stray
[20:50] <+KimFalconer> Sagittarius—They promise the world, and usually deliver.
[20:50] <Mitenae> Yay Mary!
[20:50] <JG> rigged !!!!!! *joke*
[20:50] <maryv> woooohooooooooo!
[20:50] <Tarran> Yay Grats Mary
[20:50] <BothersomeWords> blows hot and cold? I'll use that to explain why I like heater on and window open.
[20:50] <Lovebooks-Nic> well done Mary
[20:50] <BothersomeWords> Grats Mary!
[20:51] <JG> enjoy the book!
[20:51] <+KimFalconer> Also highly sexed but not alway ready for know how sex can be an avoidance of intimacy?
[20:51] <TraceyOH> woot - deliver the world - in your face :)
[20:51] <maryv> *does a little gemini dance of joy* gots me a POTS
[20:51] <Tarran> yay
[20:51] <Silvergull> saggiterious - galloping horses. Firey arrows. Idealsists, sensual.
[20:51] <+KimFalconer> Yeah Mary!!! What did you win? which one?
[20:51] <nicolemurphy2> Sex not being intimacy is an interesting one
[20:51] <maryv> wasn't it POTS?
[20:51] <maryv> Dunnon
[20:51] <+KimFalconer> POTS! Woot!
[20:51] <maryv> meaning dunno
[20:51] <TraceyOH> that is me - head in the clouds
[20:51] <maryv> whatever it is I'm over the friggin moon
[20:51] <+KimFalconer> You will have to tell me what you think of a particular seduction scene in there...
[20:52] <@RosieFangAu> Mary has won the Path of the Stray - woot!!
[20:52] <+KimFalconer> lol yeah
[20:52] <Silvergull> happy mary
[20:52] <BothersomeWords> Bring it to worldcon and get Kim to sign on the sex scene page
[20:52] <+KimFalconer> yeah yeah
[20:52] <TraceyOH> how does this book thing work - do I have to do something
[20:52] <+KimFalconer> That's a great idea!!!
[20:52] <+KimFalconer> Brilliant
[20:52] <maryv> Oh yeah worldcon
[20:52] <JG> open it and there are lots of words, just read them it's easy!
[20:52] <+KimFalconer> Have you reade it, Abigail?
[20:52] <BothersomeWords> What, writing one, Tracey? Haven't you been doing that for a while?
[20:52] <@RosieFangAu> nope coming up to the 60 minutes draw - random name at the time call
[20:52] <maryv> lol jg
[20:53] <TraceyOH> LOL
[20:53] <JG> hehe...
[20:53] <TraceyOH> I want to win a Kim book
[20:53] <JG> Im random...
[20:53] <+KimFalconer> Did we miss out anyone's sign?
[20:53] <Silvergull> libra!
[20:53] <JG> so do I... I want to get one signed at AussieCon!
[20:53] <nicolemurphy2> Capricorn
[20:53] <Lovebooks-Nic> What about Cappy''s
[20:53] <Tarran> man if i wanted to egt all my books signed i would have to bring my whole library... and that is a very scary thought
[20:53] <JG> LIBRA ! please...
[20:53] <Mitenae> Libra, Capricorn please
[20:53] <+KimFalconer> Capricorn—They buy you things. Excellent taste.
[20:53] <BothersomeWords> No, Kim - haven't got a copy, yet...*ahem*
[20:53] <Silvergull> cappies - earthy and etherial
[20:53] <+KimFalconer> Libra—Wine, dine, listen and stir until there is nothing left between you but the erotic.
[20:54] <Lovebooks-Nic> very sure of themselves - most of the time
[20:54] <Silvergull> Cappies can tell you magical stories and whisper in your ear
[20:54] <Mitenae> Makes me an interesting combination then!
[20:54] <nicolemurphy2> Just told him he's supposed to buy me things. Wasn't impressed. Does have excellent taste when he does though :)
01[20:54] <@FangNZ> hmm... computer malfunction.. have we played with aquarius?
[20:54] <JG> I've been married to a libran for 13 years and still waiting for the *nothing but erotic* stage to kick in...
[20:54] <BothersomeWords> Tarran - I have booked check-in luggage specifically so I can bring things to be signed - and buy more books!
[20:54] <JG> man I should do stand up, this stuff is gold...
[20:54] <+KimFalconer> nice one, Silvergull
03[20:54] * timorene ( has joined #fangbooks
[20:54] <TraceyOH> oooh bell
[20:54] <Lovebooks-Nic> Well I like the mix of Gemini and Cancer....woo hoo.....
[20:54] <JG> ding dong the witch is dead?
[20:55] <+KimFalconer> lol Marriage is a whole other takes away the risk and so the erotic with it
[20:55] <+KimFalconer> not always but it'
[20:55] <TraceyOH> what happened tot he bell
[20:55] <+KimFalconer> it's different
[20:55] <Tarran> Nice one Bothersome
[20:55] <timorene> hello everyone, sorry I'm late.
[20:55] <JG> don't I know it.. still.. better than sleeping alone and I do have 3 kids so go figure..
[20:55] <BothersomeWords> Hiya timorene!
[20:55] <+KimFalconer> I have venus in cancer which is often in conflict with my wild gemini side
[20:55] <Tarran> hi there
[20:55] <maryv> jg you're killing me
[20:55] <TraceyOH> hi there
[20:56] <maryv> hi timorene!
[20:56] <Silvergull> libra understands about flirty buildup
[20:56] <nicolemurphy2> Has anyone found great scenes between married people? I hear JD Robb is good for it
[20:56] <JG> hey someone new - hello to our hot little corner of the world
[20:56] <Lovebooks-Nic> I don't know - I think it can grow and get better with practice - otherwise we would have a lot of stories
[20:56] <+KimFalconer> Timorene! you gave me such a fright when you said we were ON an hour early!
[20:56] <BothersomeWords> ZOMG - I am lucky I even know my star sign, never mind getting deeper. Do I get kicked out for that?
[20:56] <JG> maryv - I aim to please
[20:56] <Silvergull> David Brin did some lovely married love
[20:56] <Lovebooks-Nic> JD Robb is fab for it - if you haven't tried one - start with Naked in Death.....
[20:56] <timorene> I'm sorry! I set up a wordpress auto update because I knew I'd be away and it went off early!
[20:56] <+KimFalconer> Not at all, sweetie, I KNOW, and that's what counts he he he
[20:57] <maryv> have kid plus adorable hubby, recognise sentiment
[20:57] <BothersomeWords> No one fell for your mind-games, timorene
[20:57] <timorene> Apologies to Fang too ^ ^
[20:57] <JG> Im like you Bothersome.. star signs and all that.. *sounds like chick stuff* - JG awaits a kick in the nuts...
[20:57] <+KimFalconer> You freaked out about 1000 ppl on twitter :)
01[20:57] <@FangNZ> lmao - you have to tell me an hour early or I'll be an hour late
[20:57] <Tarran> lol
[20:57] <JG> I know of some pills that can help with wordpress updates going off early...
[20:57] <+KimFalconer> It was good, got me here early!
[20:57] <timorene> Ha, and I tried so hard, Bothersome, all part of evil plot to take over world/subvert justice etc
[20:57] <maryv> I totally fell for t's games got here early then late
[20:57] <@RosieFangAu> HI Timorene - it's been crazy!!!
[20:58] <timorene> argh - HUGE apologies! How is the chat going?
[20:58] <+KimFalconer> I was thinking about you out there in the rain, Nat!
[20:58] <Silvergull> fun. I won BOOK!
[20:58] <JG> I arrived on time.. rare for me... welcome to the party pal !
[20:58] <maryv> me too! POTS
[20:58] <+KimFalconer> I think we've gone well. Are there any questions?????
[20:58] <@RosieFangAu> okay everyone get ready for lots of short comments as we head towards the last book giveaway
[20:58] <JG> when can we do this again... ?
[20:58] <maryv> Kim we never got into agape...
[20:58] <BothersomeWords> comments about shorts?
[20:58] <Mitenae> Late, but that's because I was finishing typing up a story
[20:58] <@RosieFangAu> which will be at 9.00on my computer clock - about one minute
[20:58] <nicolemurphy2> Agree, a bit more about agape
[20:58] <Silvergull> Shorts is rude
[20:58] <timorene> Oh excelent, what did you win silvergull? Rosette or POTS?
[20:58] <TraceyOH> this has been fun
[20:59] <JG> what do you call long shorts are they the same as short pants?
[20:59] <Silvergull> rosette
[20:59] <+KimFalconer> Didn't we? Spiritual love , tantra, that expands consciousness
[20:59] <TraceyOH> and loved you knowledge Kim
[20:59] <+KimFalconer> sex as a meditation
[20:59] <timorene> Fabulous :)
[20:59] <Lovebooks-Nic> Very interesting - a look into the mind of a writer
[20:59] <+KimFalconer> it's beautiful
[20:59] <@RosieFangAu> ahh competitive much
[20:59] <nicolemurphy2> Kim, do you know written example that says agape to you?
[20:59] <+KimFalconer> thank you...
[20:59] <BothersomeWords> Didn't get half as smutty as I expected (or was promised)
[20:59] <@RosieFangAu> JG
[20:59] <TraceyOH> I have been looking forward to this
[20:59] <Lovebooks-Nic> and it makes sense what you are saying....that we can use our basic knowledge of signs to have a view of the characters that we might not otherwise have
[20:59] <@RosieFangAu> it was JG who won the loast book POTS (otherwise known as path of the Stray!)
[20:59] <Silvergull> not very smutty - but nice
[20:59] <JG> you know we could all just go out and BUY Kim's books, I mean.. come on... a little respect peoples (says he who owns none so far -lol)
[21:00] <+KimFalconer> Agape can be the relationship between a teacher and a student, a kind of reverence...
[21:00] <JG> did I win something? jaw hits the ground?
[21:00] <+KimFalconer> 'oh hang on, I've got one
[21:00] <timorene> JG, your homework is to go and buy all four now
[21:00] <BothersomeWords> Nice work, JG!
[21:00] <maryv> how about this trend for writing angels in love? Eros or Agape
[21:00] <+KimFalconer> take a minute to say if you want to hange around, maybe after the last give away?
[21:00] <timorene> I would say Agape, Mary - judging by the amount of pining
[21:00] <JG> ohh-kay... umm... I'm confuddled.. not a completely unusual experience for me.. hey I am male...
[21:00] <Silvergull> the gregori is such a strong taboo. I see a trend
[21:00] <Lovebooks-Nic> hmm I am supposed to still be working.....ha ha ha
[21:00] <JG> hang around! hang around!
[21:00] <Mitenae> I'm happy to Kim
[21:01] <+KimFalconer> yes, angels are agape, it is what Plato said about love
[21:01] <maryv> ha ha timorene - god the pining
[21:01] <Lovebooks-Nic> may need to jump out of the chat in a minute or two
[21:01] <@RosieFangAu> Whew - okay JG yes that was you winning the last book to give away tonight - The path of theStray for the 9pm bell!
[21:01] <BothersomeWords> Me too, Kim (supposed to be working too)
[21:01] <maryv> yes lets hang around
[21:01] <+KimFalconer> we call it 'platonic' love but it wasn't asexual
[21:01] <nicolemurphy2> Happy to hang a while, until Hubby roars :)
[21:01] <TraceyOH> I am supposed to be packing
[21:01] <JG> I have a short story to finish for a competition and *I should be writing but I'm watchinf Doctor Who.. umm not that's not right*
[21:01] <maryv> I agree not asexual
[21:01] <+KimFalconer> oh did JG win POTS then?
[21:01] <Tarran> :)
[21:01] <+KimFalconer> Congratulations
[21:01] <JG> YAH !!!!
[21:01] <BothersomeWords> I have yet to read any angel fic.
[21:01] <timorene> (am wondering what such a gathering of authors and eds should be called)
[21:02] <Lovebooks-Nic> Okay heading off now - thanks Kim for the insights....
[21:02] <JG> eek bad...
[21:02] <Lovebooks-Nic> Night to Rosie and Allie
[21:02] <nicolemurphy2> So how does sex wrap into agape?
[21:02] <Tarran> seeya lovebooks
[21:02] <+KimFalconer> okay, so let me tell you a story about agape, about platonic locve
[21:02] <+KimFalconer> love
[21:02] <timorene> *g* Bothersome, I can hook you up there. Plenty coming this year ...
[21:02] <Lovebooks-Nic> and to all you others, thanks for the chat
[21:02] <+KimFalconer> by Tarran
[21:02] <nicolemurphy2> Bye Nic :)
01[21:02] <@FangNZ> seeya nic
[21:02] <+KimFalconer> thanks for dropping in and having fun with us!!!!!
[21:02] <Silvergull> I'll write to you now, Rosie.
[21:02] <TraceyOH> bye peeps
[21:02] <BothersomeWords> bye Nic
[21:02] <timorene> Bye Nic !
[21:02] <+KimFalconer> and thanks for selling out all my books!
[21:02] <maryv> nicole: total melding with the universe has to be sexy
[21:02] <Mitenae> Bye
[21:02] <Lovebooks-Nic> It was fun and I will try again next time :)
[21:02] <JG> thanks everyone - this is a lot of fun (seriously)
02[21:02] * Lovebooks-Nic ( Quit (Quit: Lovebooks-Nic)
[21:03] <+KimFalconer> Timorene did you hear, all books sold out in Tarran's shop
[21:03] <timorene> Are you off too Tracey?
[21:03] <+KimFalconer> dThank you for coming!
[21:03] <Silvergull> bye, john boy.
[21:03] <BothersomeWords> heh - thanks, timorene
[21:03] <timorene> Wow - fantastic - thanks Tarran :)
[21:03] <TraceyOH> no - procratination
[21:03] <+KimFalconer> and all your great and funny and sexy contributions
01[21:03] <@FangNZ> those that haven't read... extract in the book links to your left :)
[21:03] <@RosieFangAu> Bye everyone who has to head off now - THANK YOU so much for coming and playing with us!!!!
[21:03] <TraceyOH> gosh - can't spell
[21:03] <TraceyOH> avoiding the packing
[21:03] <Tarran> haha sorry i had to swap screens there
[21:03] <timorene> (by the way, to anyone I don't yet know - I am from Kim's publishers)
[21:03] <Tarran> boss is talking to me on fb
[21:03] <+KimFalconer> I've delighted in all your company! awesome!
[21:03] <nicolemurphy2> Putting off packing until tomorrow, Tracey, but I bet y ou ahve to leave earlier than me :)
[21:04] <+KimFalconer> lol tell him you're doing research :)
[21:04] <Silvergull> Thank you KIm!
[21:04] <Tarran> no probs guys!! I do all i can to seel you magnificent books!
[21:04] <TraceyOH> I am With HarperCollins as well
02[21:04] * raveness ( Quit (Quit: raveness)
[21:04] <nicolemurphy2> We love you Tarran :) Love all booksellers!
[21:04] <JG> please do this again sometime, great to hear what you have to say Kim.
[21:04] <TraceyOH> timorene
[21:04] <maryv> yeah we love tarran
[21:04] <+KimFalconer> Thanks Silvergull, love your knowledge of astrology too!
[21:04] <timorene> (I should say from Kim, Tracey, Nicole, Mary's publishers)
01[21:04] <@FangNZ> lol
[21:04] <@RosieFangAu> This has been such fun - so har dto keep up with the comments though!
[21:04] <TraceyOH> :)
[21:04] <nicolemurphy2> HarperCollins Authors Unite!
[21:04] <+KimFalconer> YES!
[21:04] <maryv> weeeeeeee
[21:04] <Tarran> hehe, and my spelling is shocking today
[21:04] <TraceyOH> take over the world
[21:05] <maryv> totally
[21:05] <Tarran> I hope to be a Harper author oneday
[21:05] <+KimFalconer> It's been a whirl wind
[21:05] <Silvergull> See u at Worldcon
[21:05] <timorene> Time for a Union - hold out for longer deadlines!
[21:05] <Mitenae> my comps having trouble keeping up with my typing
[21:05] <@RosieFangAu> Oh and such thanks to Voyager Books for donating copies of The Spell of Rosette and The Path of the Stray tonight!!!!
[21:05] <nicolemurphy2> Keep working, it can happen :)
[21:05] <Silvergull> It's been thunder and lightening
[21:05] <+KimFalconer> Love to have coffee with you all at worldcon
[21:05] <+KimFalconer> !
01[21:05] <@FangNZ> NOoooo!! shorter deadlines... speaking as a reader
[21:05] <maryv> keep going tarran
[21:05] <TraceyOH> yes - keep writing
[21:05] <JG> Im Mr Typo as I use a PC all day at work now my keyboard coordination is a bit challenged...
[21:05] <Tarran> :)
[21:05] <timorene> most welcome Rosie - am so glad the chat went/is going well
[21:05] <JG> thanks Voyager Books.... :) :) :) !!!
[21:05] <Tarran> Thanks everyone
[21:05] <BothersomeWords> Noo! Longer deadlines - speaking as a freelance editor
[21:05] <+KimFalconer> lol funny timorene
[21:05] <nicolemurphy2> God, Fang, how fast do you think we write? :)
[21:06] <+KimFalconer> we are writers you know
01[21:06] <@FangNZ> never fast enough guys
01[21:06] <@FangNZ> really... never ever fast enough :)
[21:06] <maryv> never fast enough
[21:06] <TraceyOH> yeah
01[21:06] <@FangNZ> right badly and we'll give you more time lol
[21:06] <maryv> lol
[21:06] <+KimFalconer> do we still want to hear about Platonic love or shall I post the story on facebook tomorrow?
[21:06] <Mitenae> How much does everyone here plan on writing/achieving on a normal day?
[21:06] <nicolemurphy2> Well, I suppose I don't need to sleep ...
[21:06] <TraceyOH> tee hee - all the time in the world
[21:06] <nicolemurphy2> Would love more on Platonic love
[21:06] <nicolemurphy2> It intrigues me
[21:06] <BothersomeWords> Sleep is totally overrated
[21:06] <Mitenae> Same here
[21:06] <Tarran> i want to hear it
[21:06] <maryv> me too Platonic
[21:06] <@RosieFangAu> yes please Kim
01[21:06] <@FangNZ> tell me a story :)
[21:07] <+KimFalconer> I do 3000 words a day of first draft and anywhere from 10 to 50 pages a day of edits
[21:07] <BothersomeWords> Plato FTW!
[21:07] <+KimFalconer> others?
[21:07] <TraceyOH> lets hear it Kim
[21:07] <Silvergull> Oh the story of the two backed animal?
[21:07] <+KimFalconer> oh, story time?
[21:07] <timorene> ha if I had my way (sorry authors) you would all be chained to a typewriter with Bothersome hovering close by :)
[21:07] <+KimFalconer> okay,,,,
[21:07] <JG> how long on average does 3,000 words take you in first draft?
[21:07] <timorene> yes please Kim
[21:07] <BothersomeWords> haha, timorene
[21:07] <Mitenae> Working on short stories at the moment. Was doing 3000
[21:07] <maryv> 1000 words a day between mom duties
[21:07] <+KimFalconer> Plato said that before we incarnate, we all belong to one of the the gods
[21:07] <nicolemurphy2> 3,000 words - about 3 hours (can get up to 5000 when motoring)
[21:07] <maryv> timorene agh
[21:08] <Tarran> I did 20k the other weekend, say over 3 days
[21:08] <JG> I did 700 words today on a short story while at work, how naughty is that? Boss key (alt Tab) was in overdrive...
[21:08] <+KimFalconer> On of the chiors or the gods
[21:08] <TraceyOH> OMG - 500 for me
[21:08] <Silvergull> how do we know which god we belong to?
[21:08] <JG> its in your heart Silvergull, all you ever need...
[21:08] <Mitenae> At shortest 2 hours, longest 5
[21:08] <+KimFalconer> and then we incarnate and we forget . . ., we forget which god we own our connection to...we forget where we belong
[21:08] <BothersomeWords> Like Paddington Bear - you have a label on your coat "Please return to..."
[21:08] <Mitenae> Typed up 7300 today
[21:09] <+KimFalconer> We wander through life, in a state of divine homesickness
[21:09] <+KimFalconer> and then we meet the beloved
[21:09] <JG> I wihs I had time to FOCUS on writing... gotta pay the bills first
[21:09] <nicolemurphy2> Loving this, Kim :)
[21:09] <Mitenae> We forget who we were, where we were,e th veil comes down
[21:09] <maryv> yeah homeless souls
[21:09] <Silvergull> My god is lost in deepest Peru. No wonder I'm confused about religion.
[21:09] <timorene> Me too - it's beautiful
[21:09] <TraceyOH> oooh Kim - I like that
[21:09] <+KimFalconer> and in the eyes of the beloved, we remember which chior we belong to
[21:09] <Mitenae> That's lovely
[21:09] <JG> soul mate?
[21:09] <nicolemurphy2> Damn, you're good, girl :)
[21:09] <Tarran> thats beautiful
[21:09] <maryv> niiiiiiiiiice
[21:09] <+KimFalconer> and the thing is, we idealise the beloved as the god....we think they are the ones, but really they are reminding us
[21:10] <+KimFalconer> of our spiritual home
[21:10] <BothersomeWords> Love Plato.
[21:10] <Silvergull> And when you touch the beloved, you can feel the connection to the universe
[21:10] <Mitenae> *sigh*
[21:10] <timorene> I would love to be beside the ocean and hear that story, Kim.
[21:10] <+KimFalconer> This to me is what Plato meant,,,,and we ceartainly can have sexual feeling here
[21:10] <+KimFalconer> yes, the ocean, neptune, plato, agape, that kind of love
[21:10] <nicolemurphy2> Oh, I can see the sexual there now. wow. That's what I wanna achieve :)
[21:10] <+KimFalconer> I love writing it....I did it with Teg and Kreshkali, the way he loves her
[21:11] <nicolemurphy2> Am sooo getting your books now :)
[21:11] <Tarran> a quick question sort of off topic
[21:11] <+KimFalconer> I think we need to remember we are not limited by the kinds of love and sex we write
[21:11] <+KimFalconer> yes?
[21:11] <TraceyOH> gosh - I wish I had more time to read
[21:11] <Mitenae> Yes
[21:11] <nicolemurphy2> Limitations are the worst thing. thanks for reminding us :)
[21:12] <Silvergull> There may be an element of sacrifice,
[21:12] <+KimFalconer> Tarran?
[21:12] <Tarran> sorry trying to write it so it doesnt sound strange
[21:12] <+KimFalconer> It can feel like a Sacrifice, yes, Neptune again,
[21:12] <+KimFalconer> take your time :)
[21:12] <Tarran> my boss likes a customer, he likes her, but they both cant ask each other out
[21:12] <Silvergull> The deep - unconscious
01[21:12] <@FangNZ> don't worry about sounding strange... you're in safe company
[21:12] <Tarran> how do i get them to take that first step?
[21:13] <+KimFalconer> because of other relationships?
[21:13] <+KimFalconer> shy?
[21:13] <timorene> Sacrifice certainly seems to be a theme in a lot of the current fantasy fiction - especially in the YA
[21:13] <BothersomeWords> Yes - you're ina place where people are throwing fish, very safe.
[21:13] <+KimFalconer> Can you invite them both to a group event?
[21:13] <maryv> sacrifice def part of agape
03[21:13] * jemgale ( has joined #fangbooks
[21:13] <Tarran> we invited him to the hachette christmas roadshow, he enjoyed that
[21:14] <+KimFalconer> and do they both talk to you about how they like the other but feel too what? shy or scared or?
[21:14] <nicolemurphy2> That's a tough one, Tarran. Now, if we were writing their story, oh the things we'd do to get them together :)
01[21:14] <@FangNZ> but... just because they like each other, doesn't mean they want/need/should take the next step
[21:14] <Tarran> yeah she dosnt want to feel rejected
[21:14] <TraceyOH> sorry guys - have to go - cooking rations for hubby while I'm away
[21:14] <+KimFalconer> love is risk,
[21:14] <BothersomeWords> Sacrifice is often a theme - I think people get that sacrifice works well to create that "yearning", but it needs to be believable. Has to be a REAL sacrifice for the characters; readers need to believe in it.
[21:14] <Tarran> if he says no
01[21:14] <@FangNZ> have a safe trip tracey!
[21:14] <+KimFalconer> We have to be brave
[21:14] <TraceyOH> I have really enjoyed this
[21:14] <Silvergull> will you love me tomorrow?
[21:14] <timorene> lol Nicole - I wish we could have writers step in to lots of situations
[21:15] <nicolemurphy2> Maybe convince her that possible rejection is the price to pay for possible happiness
[21:15] <timorene> Enjoy the trip Tracey!
[21:15] <Tarran> lol
[21:15] <@RosieFangAu> Thanks Tracey - Mwah!!!
[21:15] <TraceyOH> Nic - see you Thursday
[21:15] <Tarran> yeah i will
[21:15] <nicolemurphy2> By Tracey :)
[21:15] <Tarran> seeya tracey
[21:15] <nicolemurphy2> Yeah, see you then
[21:15] <JG> seeya TraceyOH!
[21:15] <+KimFalconer> There are never those kinds o
[21:15] <BothersomeWords> bye Tracey!
[21:15] <Mitenae> bye
01[21:15] <@FangNZ> (hi jemgale)
[21:15] <nicolemurphy2> Oh, how much better my life would be if I were writing it :)
[21:15] <TraceyOH> buy and thanks Rosie, FAngNZ and Kim
[21:15] <+KimFalconer> buy Nicole, lovely that you came and thanks for your time
[21:15] <+KimFalconer> !
[21:15] <+KimFalconer> Our pleasure1
[21:16] <jemgale> hi
[21:16] <timorene> and hope signing goes well at Galaxy!
02[21:16] * TraceyOH ( Quit (Quit: TraceyOH)
[21:16] <Tarran> hi jem
[21:16] <jemgale> not lurking... just listening
[21:16] <nicolemurphy2> Just Tracey leaving, Kim. Sticking round :)
[21:16] <jemgale> :)
[21:16] <timorene> Hi jemgale
[21:16] <+KimFalconer> Yes, have fun at Galaxy!
[21:16] <Tarran> Gah I wish i could meet Traci as well as Kim in one hit
[21:16] <nicolemurphy2> AussieCon Tarran :)
[21:16] <timorene> Is Tracey coming to WorldCon - I keep meaning to ask her
[21:16] <maryv> yeah Aussicon
[21:16] <nicolemurphy2> Yes, she's coming
[21:17] <timorene> awesome
[21:17] <Tarran> Woot
[21:17] <maryv> yay
[21:17] <+KimFalconer> Hi Jemgale....Well maybe we can...I want to come out for a signing when the last of the second series is out
[21:17] <timorene> We can all finally have face to face meetings
[21:17] <maryv> so cool
[21:17] <Silvergull> yes
[21:17] <nicolemurphy2> What will we achieve face to face? :0
[21:17] <+KimFalconer> fabuouls
[21:17] <Tarran> :)
[21:17] <timorene> Extended deadlines? :)
[21:17] <Silvergull> smiles
[21:17] <maryv> nicole: crazy things
[21:17] <+KimFalconer> laughter, fun and extended deadlines
[21:17] <JG> come to Melbourne !!!
[21:17] <Silvergull> lols?
[21:17] <BothersomeWords> Tarran, what State are you in?
01[21:18] <@FangNZ> in a story you won't always have the two that like each other become one... why? a sense of 'realisim'
[21:18] <Tarran> Adelaide
[21:18] <+KimFalconer> SA
[21:18] <BothersomeWords> D'oh
[21:18] <timorene> That's where A&R Edwardstown is right?
[21:18] <nicolemurphy2> I'm ready for more deadline :) *the cry of the author at the end of the contract*
01[21:18] <@FangNZ> the world needs a warning.. and a dedicated saftey zone.. if you're in in the same spot
01[21:18] <@FangNZ> ;)
[21:18] <+KimFalconer> Or they become one and find out it wasn't really what they wanted (very realism!)
[21:18] <Tarran> yep
[21:18] <timorene> hehe Nicole, and Book Two isn't even out yet!
[21:19] <nicolemurphy2> Agree - think it's right, find out it's not, then have to deal. That's life :)
[21:19] <Silvergull> the lover of death
02[21:19] * jemgale ( Quit (Quit: jemgale)
[21:19] <Tarran> I send our rep all the fantasy reviews
[21:19] <+KimFalconer> Oh Nicole, there will always be another contract...enjoy!
[21:19] <nicolemurphy2> Yeah, but it's done, and so's book three, and I wanna rule the world :)
[21:19] <timorene> @Tarran, who is your HC rep?
[21:19] <Tarran> Anthony Little
[21:19] <maryv> nicole rest up, world will be there tomorrow ;)
[21:19] <timorene> Okay, I will chase him for reviews !
[21:19] <Tarran> :)
[21:19] <+KimFalconer> Death is linked to erotic love because when we transform, something dies, something is left behind
[21:19] <Silvergull> Nicole - only book one is in shop yet.
[21:19] <nicolemurphy2> NOT SOON ENOUGH *breathe breathe breathe* Okay, am calm :)
[21:19] <BothersomeWords> Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Nicole
[21:20] <Mitenae> Rebirth rather than actual death
[21:20] <timorene> Get in line Nicole - I want to be the leader of Evil HQ ;)
[21:20] <+KimFalconer> or the universe
[21:20] <+KimFalconer> lol
[21:20] <nicolemurphy2> Happy to be a co-ruler :)
[21:20] <maryv> I'm with Mit rebirth
[21:20] <timorene> I guess it's also linked to that sense of ephemera Kim - that makes things more precious because they must pass
[21:20] <Silvergull> being half way through life and wondering if yr soul mate got born this time.
[21:20] <+KimFalconer> Only one High Priestess on the dragon-bone chair!
[21:21] <BothersomeWords> Geez, clearly I am not ambitous enough! *backs away from scary people*
[21:21] <timorene> Ahah - but co-rulers always end up stabbing you in the back ala Brutus ;)
[21:21] <Tarran> very true
[21:21] <JG> I'm with your Borthersome...
[21:21] <+KimFalconer> bingo nat. that's a good point
[21:21] <+KimFalconer> lol
[21:21] <timorene> First against the wall Ms Abigail ;)
[21:21] <nicolemurphy2> But I'm Pisces. I'm an aphrodisiac! Who will kill me? :)
06[21:21] * nicolemurphy2 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[21:21] <Tarran> I'm with nicole
[21:21] <maryv> death forever? or just for a time
[21:21] <maryv> nicole has my vote
[21:21] <+KimFalconer> oNo one but we may enslave you :)P
[21:22] <nicolemurphy2> As long as you adore me, I can live :0
06[21:22] * +KimFalconer smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[21:22] <Silvergull> steady state theory of incarnation?
[21:22] <Tarran> 6pisces rule
[21:22] <timorene> I can never decide if a book stays with me more when one of a perfect pairing leaves
[21:22] <timorene> or if the ending is happy
[21:22] <timorene> probably the former
[21:22] <+KimFalconer> examples?
[21:22] <BothersomeWords> Where did the love go? Or does slavery fit back into tonight's theme?
[21:22] <maryv> the former - we're suckers for punishment eh
[21:22] <timorene> Was thinking of The Silver Metal Lover Kim :)
[21:23] <Tarran> 6i get cranky when the ending is too perfect or when it its not as happy as i expect it to be
[21:23] <+KimFalconer> Yes that was the bondage chat, remember?
[21:23] <timorene> We are - and I think sometimes we emphasise more with longing and unhappiness and grief than the other
[21:23] <BothersomeWords> Gotch
[21:23] <BothersomeWords> a
[21:23] <BothersomeWords> ahem
[21:23] <timorene> lol
[21:23] <+KimFalconer> yes, me too....that stays though I think it would have either way
[21:23] <maryv> lol
[21:23] <nicolemurphy2> Loved what Russell Kirkpatrick did at the end of Husk, where Stella got a happy ending but not THE happy ending. It worked brilliantly
[21:23] <Mitenae> Books stay with me when they hook me in and keep me there
[21:23] <timorene> wishing I hadn't missed the bondage chat !
[21:23] <Tarran> lol
[21:23] <+KimFalconer> but would Silver have died of old age? He would have watched her age
[21:23] <+KimFalconer> This is a theme in RTTS
[21:23] <BothersomeWords> OMG - spoilers, people!
[21:24] <+KimFalconer> there will be transcripts I think
[21:24] <timorene> That is true - and again inherent in all the vamplit that is going around
[21:24] <maryv> bothersomewords hates spoilers
[21:24] <BothersomeWords> Yes, she does.
[21:24] <timorene> so do I - esp pertainin to Lost
[21:24] <+KimFalconer> no, I just said the sky is blue or sunny, not spoiler
[21:24] <nicolemurphy2> Oh, sorry )
01[21:24] <@FangNZ> support that possition
[21:24] <+KimFalconer> lol
[21:25] <timorene> I guess JARROD is in that sort of position
[21:25] <Tarran> what really bugs me is the books where they take 50 yrs to gether
[21:25] <BothersomeWords> Er... not to kill the conversation of anything... (sorry everyone...)
[21:25] <timorene> The aging/not agining I mean, not the spoilers
[21:25] <+KimFalconer> has anyone else here read the silver metal lover? we don't want to spoil!
[21:25] <timorene> Im sure I have demanded of Bothersome that she should read it, but perhaps not held her at stake
[21:25] <timorene> It's by Tanith Lee by the way
[21:25] <nicolemurphy2> i have to head off, folks. Thanks for a fabulous chat. Look forward to the next one.
[21:25] <+KimFalconer> Yes, exactly, Jarrod is . . .well, ugh,,l ()&*(^^
[21:26] <+KimFalconer> You;ll see. it's complicated
[21:26] <timorene> :)
01[21:26] <@FangNZ> take care nicole :) thanks!
[21:26] <timorene> And you're the creator of the world!
[21:26] <Tarran> seeya nicole
[21:26] <BothersomeWords> You have, timorene, and ah, I believe I am supposed to read it after the book Kim already sent me 5,000 yrs ago...
[21:26] <+KimFalconer> Bye then, nicole
[21:26] <maryv> see ya nicole
[21:26] <JG> seeya
[21:26] <timorene> Bye Nicole, nice to see you, albeit briefly :)
[21:26] <BothersomeWords> bye nicole!
[21:26] <@RosieFangAu> Nicole - thanks so much for coming to our chat with Kim - was a hoot!@
[21:26] <timorene> See you at AussieCon!
[21:26] <@RosieFangAu> See you soon!
[21:26] <maryv> in nz
[21:26] <+KimFalconer> thanks for coming
06[21:26] * @RosieFangAu bounces around the channel.
[21:26] <nicolemurphy2> See a lot of you at AussieCon and the rest of you hopefully not too long after.
01[21:27] <@FangNZ> lol@rosie
[21:27] <timorene> Hurry up Bothersome, stop pretending you have work to do ;)
02[21:27] * nicolemurphy2 ( Quit (Quit: nicolemurphy2)
[21:27] <Tarran> lmao
[21:27] <+KimFalconer> Abigail, read TSML before's a much better stroy
[21:27] <BothersomeWords> OMG, Kim... PRESSURE!
[21:27] <maryv> ha ha
06[21:27] * timorene looks at nobody in particular and laughs.
[21:27] <timorene> oops
01[21:27] <@FangNZ> larf!
[21:27] <timorene> I am going to need a definition of TMRWUW
02[21:27] * Mitenae ( Quit (Quit: Mitenae)
[21:27] <+KimFalconer> yes, can't you edit those 175,000 word MS in like, 2 days? What's the big deal., Run spell check and yoiu're done!
[21:28] <timorene> hehehe
[21:28] <+KimFalconer> Time machines repaired while U Wait
[21:28] <timorene> Ah of course
[21:28] <maryv> lol spellcheck
[21:28] <BothersomeWords> See, Kim, you think you're funny, but guess how long I have to edit this manuscript?
03[21:28] * Mitenae ( has joined #fangbooks
[21:28] <+KimFalconer> You get it next, nat, another 5000 years
[21:28] <+KimFalconer> how long?
[21:28] <timorene> Oh well, Jarrod will still be around in 5000 years I hope
[21:28] <Mitenae> Silly computer
[21:28] <Tarran> yay
[21:28] <+KimFalconer> no way, more than 2 days...,,.!!!1
[21:28] <BothersomeWords> 2 days...
[21:28] <JG> editing is hard work - just thought I would state the obvious.
[21:28] <maryv> no??
[21:28] <BothersomeWords> But in fairness, it's not 175,000 words ;o)
[21:28] <+KimFalconer> I love jarrod, and Teg, . . .
[21:29] <Tarran> 6how much is it
[21:29] <maryv> how long
[21:29] <timorene> yikes, Bothersome, is it one of ours?
[21:29] <+KimFalconer> I am psychic...biut what the heck are you doing here talking to us? Go edit!!!!!
[21:29] <timorene> I probably shouldnt even ask that
[21:29] <+KimFalconer> how many words?
[21:29] <Tarran> 6I just finished Beven McGuiness Arc today
[21:30] <Mitenae> Good?
[21:30] <+KimFalconer> oh, enjoy?
[21:30] <Tarran> 6It was really good, very easy to rad
[21:30] <BothersomeWords> erm... not sure... lots less. And no, not HC ;o)
[21:30] <+KimFalconer> Then nothing to fear :)
[21:30] <Tarran> 6read*
02[21:30] * timorene ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:30] <+KimFalconer> he he he
[21:30] <JG> I'm editing two books at once, both around 130,000... ooh my poor eyes...!
[21:30] <+KimFalconer> I'm reading another sookie stackhouse atm, so easy on my mind after a day's writing...
[21:31] <+KimFalconer> That's huge, JG!
[21:31] <Tarran> 6Different to his other books
[21:31] <BothersomeWords> Sookie! Must get the rest of that series.
[21:31] <Mitenae> Reading Stacia Kane, Kylie Chan up next
03[21:31] * timorene ( has joined #fangbooks
[21:31] <BothersomeWords> AND the new Kylie Chan...
01[21:31] <@FangNZ> oh - just read two stacia kane.. and currently readding kylie chan
[21:31] <+KimFalconer> I can't work on two at once, not two in the same series anyway and so far all 6 books are basically the same series
01[21:31] <@FangNZ> much love there
[21:31] <@RosieFangAu> Okay I just need to say that I'm a Gemini cusp cancer and I need to have loads of books to read in my comfy little home - so all of you WRITE MORE!!!!!!
[21:31] <timorene> Amen to that Rosie!
[21:31] <+KimFalconer> oh I haven't read # 2 Stacia...or past #1 Kyle
[21:31] <JG> yeah I took a break this week to write a couple of short stories.. my creative side was feeling a bit neglected.
01[21:31] <@FangNZ> yes... not happy if i can actually seee the top of mount TBR
[21:32] <+KimFalconer> Kylie,
[21:32] <Tarran> I SOOO want the new Kylie
[21:32] <maryv> amen
[21:32] <Tarran> 6I am desperate for it
[21:32] <BothersomeWords> JG, I don't have a creative side, that saves time.
[21:32] <timorene> Tarran dont you have it in store yet? :)
[21:32] <+KimFalconer> I want to read every Voyager author b efore aussiecon...
[21:32] <Tarran> 6i cant affords it lol i got to save my moneys for Aussie Con
[21:32] <Mitenae> Lots of reading to do then kim?
[21:32] <@RosieFangAu> yep about to order Kylie chan myself - sounds good
[21:32] <JG> I wish it was that easy bothersome.. my brain won't turn off!
[21:32] <timorene> Bothersome, I am sure you ski creatiely hehe
[21:32] <BothersomeWords> So you won't be sleeping either then, Kim?
[21:32] <+KimFalconer> Tarran do you get ARC from the reps?
[21:32] <timorene> Kim, remember you have six weeks to go ^ ^
[21:32] <maryv> kim I'm impressed
[21:32] <JG> AussieCon is expensive ouch.. whats a noob writer to do :)
[21:32] <BothersomeWords> No, timorene, but I fall down creatively.
[21:33] <Tarran> 6Yeah but there was no arc for this kylie
[21:33] <+KimFalconer> No,no sleep until after Oct 1
[21:33] <+KimFalconer> 1
[21:33] <timorene> lol Bothersome - make snow angels when you fall
[21:33] <Silvergull> Rosie - my email doesn't like ''
[21:33] <@RosieFangAu> oh what about anyone going to AussieCon getting together there - either a lunch, dinner or something
01[21:33] <@FangNZ> rosie@fangtastic
[21:33] <JG> Bothersome- just as one question *what if *... gets the mind going...
[21:33] <timorene> Will try and smuggle a suitcase of books to AussieCon
[21:33] <@RosieFangAu> rosie at
[21:33] <+KimFalconer> I just use my credit card and hope for the best. Usually the best happens :)
[21:33] <Tarran> 6That would be great to catch up there
[21:33] <maryv> ha ha snap with the credit
[21:34] <Tarran> 6haha
[21:34] <maryv> yes let's catch up
[21:34] <+KimFalconer> I think there is an @ in there not .
[21:34] <JG> I'm going on the Friday, I cant do all three *ducks to avoid the onslaught*
[21:34] <timorene> definitely
[21:34] <Silvergull> I want to smuggle a suitcase of books FROM aussiecon
[21:34] <JG> Friday lunch??? would be nice to meet everyone....
[21:34] <@RosieFangAu> how can we arrange this? tweet each other?
[21:34] <BothersomeWords> JG - usually it's "what if I don't get this ms back on time" ;o)
[21:34] <@RosieFangAu> Friday lunch sounds good
[21:34] <+KimFalconer> I'm planning the same JG unless I get a thursday panel
[21:34] <timorene> that too Silvergull ;)
[21:34] <maryv> Friday lunch
[21:34] <timorene> Can we wait till program comes out?
[21:34] <JG> no time limit for me as I am a noob - no contract pressures (its bliss!)
[21:34] <Tarran> 6i dont have twitter, but i have FB :)
[21:34] <timorene> I hear Shaun Tan's speech is at 2pm on Friday
[21:34] <+KimFalconer> we have to wait for program
[21:34] <@RosieFangAu> ahh - that's a point *grin* - program might change things.
[21:35] <maryv> yeah keep up on FB
[21:35] <+KimFalconer> some really great panels happening....
[21:35] <Tarran> Whose staying the whole thurs-sund
[21:35] <maryv> thurs eveing - mon
[21:35] <Tarran> 6I saw Stephanie Smith is going :O
[21:35] <+KimFalconer> Glenda L is on one with China Meiville and I am so so so taken by him
[21:35] <BothersomeWords> I'll be there the whole time and would love to meet up.
[21:35] <JG> ok... I have work on the Thursday and work on the Monday plus family stuff most of the wekeend... not happy Jan... cool on waiting for the program - that makes sense.
[21:35] <+KimFalconer> or would like to be
[21:35] <Tarran> 6i would love to go to her panel
[21:35] <timorene> I am Thurs evening to Mon but got a work thing on the Thurs evening - seminar
[21:35] <maryv> ha ha China yes
[21:35] <@RosieFangAu> hey we can do an AussieCon chat so at least we have one place where we can be on line and co-ordinate meeting up.
[21:36] <timorene> Boo JG
[21:36] <JG> Im trying to do FULL day Friday and a FULL day on the Sunday... so hope I can... it sounds fantastic!
[21:36] <timorene> Steph is going Thurs to Mon also
[21:36] <+KimFalconer> I will be front row and asking quesitons,,,like, China, what's your phone number
[21:36] <+KimFalconer> he he he
[21:36] <timorene> lol Kim
[21:36] <BothersomeWords> BAHAHA Kim!
[21:36] <maryv> too funny
[21:36] <Tarran> 6lol
[21:36] <+KimFalconer> lol have you SEEN him? I mean, er, read him?
[21:36] <BothersomeWords> LOLOLOL
[21:36] <maryv> you love his mind
[21:37] <Mitenae> Don't try and cover, we know what you meant
[21:37] <timorene> hehehehehe yeah ... his mind, sure!
[21:37] <+KimFalconer> busted
06[21:37] * Mitenae smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[21:37] <JG> I'm ignorant until proven relevant.. so ahh no...
06[21:37] * JG thinks that's very funny...
[21:37] <+KimFalconer> seriously, I like the way he talks about his writing and his City and the City is very clever
[21:37] <maryv> seeeeeeeriously
[21:37] <+KimFalconer> that laugh just freaked me and the cats out!!!!!
[21:37] <BothersomeWords> *sigh* is another one on my List.
[21:37] <timorene> the laugh sound in this chatroom is very witchy
[21:38] <Silvergull> who laughed?
[21:38] <Tarran> 6haha i was just carry my laptop into lounge room and tripped over my bag
[21:38] <BothersomeWords> I have sound switched off...
[21:38] <timorene> poor cats! I don't blame them!
[21:38] <JG> sorry to the cats ok.. you on the other hand are an adult and should be able to handle some laughter
[21:38] <timorene> I think it was JG
[21:38] <+KimFalconer> I have it on my kindle...can loan to kinle ppl
[21:38] <+KimFalconer> that was a scary laugh
[21:38] <+KimFalconer> who else uses ereaders?
[21:38] <+KimFalconer> I love them?
[21:38] <JG> my bad.. one of many.. sigh... I'm only a man...
[21:38] <timorene> China on my list too but I am going through a classics phase at present
[21:38] <timorene> Me Kim :D
[21:38] <Tarran> 6no we get asked about them Kim, but i prefer books
[21:39] <+KimFalconer> oh, what are you reading?
[21:39] <Tarran> 6i cant read on computer right
[21:39] <JG> so like noob q number 1 - with my awesome prize 1 x POTS - how do I claim (I missed that bit..) an email somewhere???
[21:39] <BothersomeWords> Not yet. My mum has just got a kindle and I just realised this means she will no longer be lending me books!
[21:39] <Mitenae> Don't have one
[21:39] <timorene> I am rereading Jane Eyre - just watched BBC version of it as well and Mr Rochester was phwoar
01[21:39] <@FangNZ> JG - send your address to
[21:39] <maryv> same here for POTS
[21:39] <BothersomeWords> Love the BBC Jane Eyre...
[21:39] <+KimFalconer> but kindle isn't back lit, not like a comp at all, like a book only you have more control over font.,...I love both
[21:39] <Tarran> 6it would be cheaper though and not as heavy when u travel
[21:39] <JG> ta Fang :)
[21:39] <+KimFalconer> biLibraphillia
[21:40] <timorene> Its SO GOOD bothersome!
[21:40] <Tarran> 6man it is cold tonight here
[21:40] <maryv> kim that sounds dangerous
[21:40] <BothersomeWords> An all time fave, timorene.
[21:40] <timorene> I love my ereader but I do adore buying the actual objects of books too - just bought 6 at The Book Depository on Monday last
[21:40] <+KimFalconer> What mary?
[21:40] <timorene> If I go into bookshops I find I always come out with less money
[21:40] <maryv> bilibraphillia
[21:40] <BothersomeWords> I have banned myself from even looking at the Book Suppository
[21:40] <+KimFalconer> bilibraphillia
[21:40] <Tarran> 6haha
02[21:41] * Silvergull ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[21:41] <maryv> snap
[21:41] <timorene> LOL BW
[21:41] <+KimFalconer> ah, libra means books, phillia is love (friendly love as we learned earlier) he he he
[21:41] <Mitenae> My bookshelves are stuffed full.
[21:41] <Tarran> i talked a lady into buy Tony Shilitoes book today, it was a big day for fantasy
[21:41] <timorene> And is it love of books and e-books?
[21:41] <maryv> gotcha
[21:42] <timorene> My shelves are doublestacked, so I always have minor accidents getting to the ones at the top back
[21:42] <+KimFalconer> you know the libray at Luka's Estate, that's how I love my books!Q
[21:42] <Tarran> 6 My parner cringes everytime i bring books home :O
[21:42] <timorene> I got banned Tarran, till we moved house :) I had to put them under the bed in the end
01[21:42] <@FangNZ> I had to smuggle books in the house... until we started the site :)
[21:42] <Tarran> 6I am in the process of catalouging them.....i dont know what possesed me to do that
[21:42] <+KimFalconer> Perhaps your partner could build some more shelves
[21:42] <@RosieFangAu> Loving the Book Depository, am fretting because my tbr pile is down to about 20 - PANIC!
[21:42] <Tarran> 6hahaha thats funny kim
[21:42] <+KimFalconer> lol
[21:42] <Tarran> 6I have three rooms full and more in lounge and dining
[21:43] <timorene> I think we may need a new chat called Bilibraphiliiacs unanonymous
[21:43] <BothersomeWords> Me too, timorene - they were under the bed. May have to reintroduce that technique, soon. No more walls for shelves.
[21:43] <+KimFalconer> That would be cool!
[21:43] <Tarran> 6books are banned from bedroom
[21:43] <timorene> if you get enough, Bothersome, you can rest your mattress on them and do away with the frame altogether
[21:43] <timorene> Tarran - what blasphemy! Books belong in the bedroom!
[21:43] <Tarran> 6I like that timorene
[21:43] <+KimFalconer> feng shui says only one fav book in the bedroom
[21:43] <timorene> Kim! No!
01[21:43] <@FangNZ> when we moved the insurance guy gave us a quote for my books... hubbie didn't believe it.. thought it was over by quite a lot (it was under)
[21:43] <+KimFalconer> bedroom is not for study, save kama sutra
[21:43] <BothersomeWords> feng shui is full of ...
[21:43] <Tarran> 6:( I'm not allowed to read in bed either
[21:43] <timorene> hahaha
01[21:44] <@FangNZ> oh no!
01[21:44] <@FangNZ> i go to bed earlier just so I can! lol
[21:44] <Tarran> 6haha
[21:44] <maryv> tarran! that's a tragedy! :)
[21:44] <+KimFalconer> well I have about 100 books in my bedroom so I think the feng shui is a guideline only
01[21:44] <@FangNZ> they
01[21:44] <@FangNZ> 're all favourites kim :)
[21:44] <+KimFalconer> 'allowed'???? feminist hackles go up
[21:44] <timorene> Kama sutra is the most downloaded iphone book I think
[21:44] <Tarran> lol, he does have a point, they are taking over the house
[21:45] <Tarran> 6I must have at least over 3k books
[21:45] <timorene> you need to incorporate them - Tarran. Need a placemat? Here, take this atlas.
[21:45] <BothersomeWords> Tarran - I have similar prob, it's not the reading, though, so much as the light. Grrr.
[21:45] <Tarran> 6hahaha
[21:45] <+KimFalconer> lol abigail, do you not believe in ancient art of feng shui?
[21:45] <BothersomeWords> My solution - audiobooks.
03[21:45] * Silvergull ( has joined #fangbooks
[21:45] <BothersomeWords> Kim - not if it says "no books"
[21:46] <timorene> I love reading in bed. Only better place is the bath
[21:46] <JG> 3000 books? OMG... where do you put them all !
[21:46] <Tarran> 6I had a customer who didnt believe me that Traci Harding only had one audio book of in her being of the field series
[21:46] <+KimFalconer> I agree, I think it's no books in the bed room if you want / need to improve your love life, is all.
[21:46] <BothersomeWords> timorene - yes.
[21:46] <+KimFalconer> books are my love life he he he
[21:46] <maryv> you could do worse kim
[21:46] <Tarran> 6I had to cull them /cry
[21:46] <@RosieFangAu> and so I love my sex scenes in books!
[21:47] <timorene> *looking at my collection of Mills & Boons and Avon :-)
[21:47] <@RosieFangAu> Giminis are verbal after all
01[21:47] <@FangNZ> hmm... that would make an intersting scene.. the use of books in sex
[21:47] <+KimFalconer> I tried to cull but it's like....,which ones?
[21:47] <JG> it all makes sense now.. men.. useless.. books = brain sex?
[21:47] <@RosieFangAu> Maybe I should read these bits out aloud hjmmm?
[21:47] <BothersomeWords> Any time I have culled I have regretted it for years afterwards.
[21:47] <Silvergull> I have a nest of books beside my bed. And my man on the bed,
[21:47] <Tarran> 6 it is hard kim, i was like no i like this book, but i have to be strong
[21:47] <Mitenae> Can't cull. I even have my Grandfather's collection but that's still in boxes
[21:47] <timorene> Men are very useful indeed. For example, mine removes spiders from house occasionally.
[21:47] <+KimFalconer> now JG did we really say that?
01[21:47] <@FangNZ> ahh.. the art of book culling is a skill.. and needs to be done in multiple parts, very carefully
[21:47] <Silvergull> Mine warms cold feet
[21:47] <BothersomeWords> LOL timorene
[21:48] <timorene> me too Bothersome - I hate that I gave away my Roald Dahls when we moved to Aus
[21:48] <Tarran> 6nice timorene
[21:48] <Silvergull> I have more books than shelves. sob.
[21:48] <Tarran> 6I feel your pain silvergull
[21:48] <BothersomeWords> Oh, those o/s moves - that's when I lost some AMAZING books.
[21:48] <timorene> Ah man as hot water bottle - I love it silvergull
[21:48] <Tarran> 6why are men hotter than women?
[21:48] <Silvergull> Hot, eh?
[21:48] <timorene> They must be werewolves ;)
01[21:48] <@FangNZ> umm....
[21:48] <Tarran> 6i am like an iceblock
01[21:48] <@FangNZ> *smirk*
[21:48] <+KimFalconer> I left a lot of books behind in CA but then, they are like flowers, new ones bloom
[21:49] <Mitenae> If you leave a pile of books alone for too long I find they multiply
[21:49] <BothersomeWords> But Kim, they need the others for company *hugs books*
[21:49] <timorene> Now Fang and Rosie - you are two separate people right? Fang, are you male and hence smirking?
[21:49] <+KimFalconer> It's the testosterone, it makes their body temp ..o3 degrees higher
[21:49] <+KimFalconer> like dishes in the sink, they breed
[21:49] <Tarran> 6lol
01[21:49] <@FangNZ> lol - yes... seperate people... masculine tendancies, but most certainly a girl :) [aka. Alison/Ali]
[21:50] <JG> spiders not for me I'm arachnophobic.. honest to god truth, my wife gets rid of our spiders...
[21:50] <timorene> I suspect their owners have a lot to do with the accidental breeding
[21:50] <timorene> Oh right, sorry Alison :) Pardon my accusation of masulinity :)
[21:50] <BothersomeWords> and so we're back to use of books in bedroom activities
[21:50] <Mitenae> My cat at a espider yesterder
[21:50] <Tarran> 6JG i am not a fan of spiders either, but i have to get rid of them too
[21:50] <JG> so do you all read much outside of Fantasy / Sci Fi ?
01[21:50] <@FangNZ> lol, not at all timorene
[21:50] <+KimFalconer> I like the spiders - - I take them outside once a month and they all come back in, but, well, that's life
[21:50] <timorene> I can't handle spiders, but I don't like them to be killed either.
[21:51] <Tarran> 6they creep me out how they move
[21:51] <Mitenae> I take them out, except for the Wolf spiders
[21:51] <timorene> I read romance, classics, literature, pretty much everything as well as sf/f
[21:51] <Silvergull> i woke up one morning, to see that tarantulas had hatched many small spiders on my ceiling. Actually I saw black dots. Then I put my glasses on....
01[21:51] <@FangNZ> <- History, Computer manuals, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, romance, crime... anything if its there and i'm bored
[21:51] <BothersomeWords> me too timorene, Kim. OH is marvelous - he takes them on long trips out to the park so they won't find their way back in
[21:51] <Tarran> 6Lora Leigh is awesome
[21:51] <JG> Tarran - exactly.. the scary as leg action makes my skin crawl.
[21:51] <+KimFalconer> Oh Mitenae, my Gratch eats spiders every day!
[21:51] <timorene> omg Silvergull YUCK!
06[21:51] * @RosieFangAu rings the bell
[21:51] <@RosieFangAu> Everyone, you're all welcome to stay and chat, but I wanted to interrupt and say a huge thanks!!!!! from us to Kim for her chat tonight, plus tweets in the leadup. It's been such fun!
[21:51] <Mitenae> How big do they get over erthe
[21:51] <JG> ditto... !
[21:52] <Mitenae> ditto
[21:52] <JG> jinx.
[21:52] <Silvergull> ditto
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> It's been great, thank you for having me! and thank you all for coming! mu
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> much fun!
[21:52] <timorene> Thanks Kim - and Thanks Rosie and Alison for the fabulous hosting!
[21:52] <JG> we get huntsman.. big as your hand.. mega freakin scary... !
[21:52] <Tarran> 6haha i have dreams of spiders and wake up screaming, i was proberly bitten by one in a past life
01[21:52] <@FangNZ> Oh yes! Thank you all, and Kim, its been wonderful
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> very big
[21:52] <maryv> yeah thanks Kim! And Fangtastic! woot
[21:52] <BothersomeWords> Thanks Kim and Fangles!
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> but gratch only likes the daddy long lets
[21:52] <Tarran> 6Thanks all!
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> legs
[21:52] <@RosieFangAu> SCREAM - not the fangles!!!!
[21:52] <timorene> I am heading off to the kitchen for a cup of something hot - and to shake off that itchy spider feeling
[21:52] <+KimFalconer> thank you!!!1
[21:52] <@RosieFangAu> thoguht that was just a bad dream!
[21:53] <timorene> Goodnight everyone and I hope we do this again some time soon!
[21:53] <Mitenae> Syd, a wolf spider, guards our wood she
[21:53] <Tarran> 6sorry timorene
[21:53] <Mitenae> d
01[21:53] <@FangNZ> on that note.. it's almost midnight here in chilly dunners, so I shall love and leave you all! Nite all
[21:53] <JG> I grabbed a coffee ten mins ago - took ages to catchup..scrolling scrolling...
[21:53] <Tarran> 6night
[21:53] <timorene> :) @ Tarran
[21:53] <Mitenae> night
[21:53] <Silvergull> I had to change my sheets.
[21:53] <BothersomeWords> gnight!
[21:53] <@RosieFangAu> Night tarran - thanks for playing!
[21:53] <+KimFalconer> I'm going to call it a night guys, thanks again for the evening. been grand
[21:53] <timorene> Goodnight Alison/Fang!
[21:53] <Silvergull> scared to have spiders in bed with me
[21:53] <maryv> love y'all - must go too
[21:53] <JG> i guess we're all calling it a night then?
[21:53] <timorene> Night Kim :)
01[21:53] <@FangNZ> Hope we'll see you all at the next one
[21:53] <Mitenae> Same here. Getting too cold
[21:53] <Tarran> 6No probs thanks for book
[21:53] <BothersomeWords> I got hit by a large huntsman while I was having a shower once.
[21:53] <timorene> It must be late for you too Mary
[21:53] <+KimFalconer> night nigth
[21:53] <Mitenae> night
[21:53] <timorene> YUCK Bothersome - YUC!
[21:53] <JG> yeah thanks for the book !
[21:53] <Silvergull> night
[21:53] <@RosieFangAu> Night all!!!! Dream of sexy sexy partners!
[21:53] <maryv> bloody late
[21:53] <JG> seeya's :)
[21:53] <maryv> ha
[21:53] <timorene> and not og spiders!

We talked on for another 45 mintues but this was the gist. :) Thanks again, all who participated.

About my books:

I juxtapose worlds of contrast—a futuristic Earth –a technological hegemony where drinking water is the only currency. The other is Gaela, a pre industrial magical hegemony. It’s through these worlds I explore Arthur C. Clarke’s notions ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ I also explore issues of gender, race and environment.

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