The Writer

Kim Falconer

Gemini, born in Santa Cruz, California where I wrote my first story at age five. It was about a Halloween cat! From then on I proceeded to daydream my way through school. Fortunately, I now daydream for a living and live on the beautiful Australian coast. My latest release in 2013 is Blood and Water in the anthology, Vampires Gone Wild. AvonBooks, HarperCollinsUSA.

My SciFi/Fantasy novels: The frist trilogy, Quantum Enchantment, hit the bestsellers list within a week of release and my second series, Quantum Encryption, delivers another searing and imaginative journey of intimacy and adventure, magic and technology. Path of the Stray, Road to the Soul and Journey by Night (plus the novella, Tatsania's Gift) return to the hidden world of Gaela, an agrarian based magical world where all things animal, tree, stone, river and storm are considered equal. Juxtaposed is a post apocalyptic future Earth where technology has failed and pure water is the only currency. '

Grounded in extensively researched magic and ancient astrology, her imagination and powerful storytelling has won her a strong fan base nationwide.

Published by HarperCollins Australia, Voyager Worldwide Imprint, Stephanie Smith, publisher/editor.

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The Astrologer

John Waterhouse PaintingAstrology has been part of my life for over thirty years. My father, D.W. Falconer, inspired my interest in the occult as I watched him use horoscopes in conjunction with financial adventures and business management. His most successful work was in the stock markets. My astrological approach has taken a different path from big business. I incorporate ancient wisdom and mythology with mystical traditions, art and poetry, ever seeking the hidden worlds of the inner self and their affects on aptitude, events, health, relationships, beliefs and manifestations.

The synchronicity between the horoscope and a person’s life continually fascinates me. Writing, teaching and speaking about has been part of my journey. Consulting internationally in this field keeps me fresh and current, as does writing magazine articles, text books, web site articles and papers.

February 2013: I'm excited to announce the opening of, an online learning center for Astro-LOA, the teaching of astrology and its ancient links to deliberate creation. Classes ongoing. Join me and Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw as we explore together the language of the universe.

The Student


Kim FalconerI am an eternal student! I've studied alternative health, Jungian Psychology, art history, quantum physics theory, metaphysical philosophy, self-sufficiency farming, marine biology, veterinary nursing, dressage, animal husbandry, SCUBA diving, and nursing mothers counseling. I hold diplomas in herbal medicine, nutrition, vet nursing, farrier science, literature and am a board certified lactation consultant. I've also studied yoga, music (banjo, mandolin, guitar), mythology, tarot and of course, astrology.

The last few years I've trained in the Japanese art of the sword, Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido, and studied socio--technology and web design through Open Universities Australia. I am now undergoing a Masters degree in Writing from Swinburne University and learning Flamenco guitar. I highly recommend OUA. What a great way to nurture the eternal student in everyone!