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Kim Falconer's Recommended Readings

Kim Falconer Kim Falconer's Astrology & Aptitude: AFA 2nd ed. 2005 How to become what you are meant to be. Joseph Campbell advised everyone to live authentically by “following their bliss,” but how many of us do? Somewhere along the way, we lose site of our aims. We forget the myths that guide us, and end up in the dark. This book is a light in that darkness, a guide to our own natural talents, aptitudes and potential. Includes 30 minor asteroids, Nodes, Vertex and Aries point with a special section on Eros and transits. Identify and boost your natural talents!

money faucetAstro-Money-Mojo is designed to help you leverage the Law of Attraction AND your personal astrology to release money issues and let the good times roll! Using your sun sign, Kim Falconer’s Astro-Money-Mojo helps bust family myths, biases and gremlins so you can float downstream towards your own natural wealth and happiness. A 10,000 word eBook, Astro-Money-Mojo will put you on course straight towards financial freedom and the life you want to lead.

Strange Attractors by Kim FalconerStrange Attractors is out February 1, 2010
Corsanon's warriors are a vanished race, defeated in the temple wars long ago, or so Rosette thought. She changes her mind when the portal drops her in the middle of an armed legion. Before she and Drayco can escape, Teg is injured and the Sword Master imprisoned. The glamour she spins to rescue her father sets in motion a series of events .. . . . More

Arrows of Time by Kim Falconer Book Two in the QuantumArrows of Time Enchantment series.

When Rosette and Jarrod spin off in different directions she is caught in a loop of repeatingevents.Time is their only hope, and it′s playing tricks ... More

The Spell of Rosette coverThe Spell of Rosette by Kim Falconer. Book One in the Quantum Enchantment series.

Rosette is a child of two worlds: Gaela, steeped in magic, and Earth choked with failing technology. The key to their survival is literally in her blood . . . More

Howard Sasportas Howard Sasportas' The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis, and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Penguin 1990 This book is an excellent reference to the outer planet transits via a psychological approach. His insights do not stop there though as Sasportas gives us his spiritual insights and deep knowledge of ancient myth and archetypes. This book is intelligently written, as are all his works, offering a chance to learn from one of the most insightful and compassionate astrologers of the 20th century.

Liz Greene Liz Green's The Astrology of Fate: Weiser 1984. This book offers a deep and rich insight into psychological astrology, influenced by the great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung. Here she explores, through myth, depth analysis, chart examples and case histories the complex and compelling aspect of Pluto as the daemon of FATE. Liz tackles this most complex and compelling problem with an open and sensitive mind. A must for anyone contemplating the nature of fate vs free will.

Joe Campbell Joseph Campbell's Myths to Live By Penguin 1993 This is just one of the many books writing by this magnificent thinker and teacher. Joseph Campbell brought the ancient myths and stories to the 20th century, allowing us to understand the archetypal patterns of the soul. The function of mythological symbols is to give you a sense of "Aha! Yes. I know what it is, it's myself." This is what it's all about, and then you feel a kind of centering, centering, centering all the time. And whatever you do can be discussed in relationship to this ground of truth. -Joseph Campbell

Intercepted Signs Joanne Wickenburg's Your Hidden Powers Intercepted Signs and Retrograde Planets. AFA 1992 Joanne Wickenburg has a brilliant teaching style that translates easily into the written word. Her she explores the often misunderstood qualities and meanings of intercepted signs and duplicated ones, as well as planets in retrograde motion. Here she offers the 'key' to working with interceptions and retrograde motion to help readers unlock and use this complex energy. Transiting retrograde planets are also discussed, pointing out the strength of these transits and and natal positions.

Stephen Arroyo Stephen Arryo's Relationships & Life Cycles CRCS 2nd ed. 1993 More transcripts from lectures given in the 1980's this text is rich with insight, humor and warmth. As Arroyo says, "Sometimes one must concentrate on tuning in on the LIVING nature of ideas by having fun with them, and this can often be more significant for students of astrology than systematic and dry attempts to be deep and meaningful". His work is neither dry nor boring but rich with meaning and plenty of 'Ah ha"!

Sabian Symbols Lynda Hill's 360 Degrees of Wisdom Plume 2004 Lynda Hill offers a terrific and elucidating guide based the Sabian Symbol system. Great for beginners as well as practicing astrologers, or those keen to develop an understanding of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. You can ask a question, then pick a red card and a blue card from the specially designed pack of cards included with the book, and let the Symbols lead you to the answers you seek. 360 Degrees of Wisdom will help you discover a fascinating branch of astrology—and will guide you on your journey through life.

Witchcraft! Ly de Angeles Witchcraft Theory & Practice llewellyn 2001 With more than three decades of experience Ly de Angeles brings the teachings alive, combining modern with ancient, so you can better understand the true potential and depth of Witchcraft. Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets and techniques of this ancient and Shamanistic art. The book is divided into three basic categories: philosophical disciplines, spiritual beliefs, and practical techniques. Check also Ly’s fiction and upcoming film scripts.

.The Magdalenes Clysta Kinstler's The Moon Under her Feet HarperSanFrancisco 1991 This feminist retelling of the conception, birth, life and death of Christ as narrated by Mary Magdalene may cause some uproar in Christian circles. Let it. It is about time the true nature of the Magdalenes, the temple priestesses that worship Innana, Ishtar, Isis, Ahserah, are honored. Kinstler, a professor of philosophy, mines the literature of myth to make this lyrically written interpretation come to life. She provides notes and a bibliography as reference.

Magic ThreadRichard Idemon's The Magic Thread Weiser, 1996 This book is a transcript of the late Richard Idemon's six day seminar given tin 1986 on Mythology, Psychology, Astrology and Methodology. He lectures on astrological interpretation through the lens of depth psychology and ancient myth. Idemon, a wonderful speaker and teacher, greatly missed, explores the horoscope as if it were a labyrinth and directs us to ways of discovering the golden thread that weaves through the complex maze. A wonderful and insightful reference.

Robert Blaschke Robert Blaschke's Relationship Analysis A valuable resource answering questions via astrological analysis such as what brings two people together, the types of issues they’ll may encounter and the deeper purpose and meaning behind their union. This book covers composite and Davison charts, synastry, midpoints, mirror degree synastry, progressions and more. Blaschke also explores the Draconic, Heliocentric and Sidereal zodiacs in synastry, as well as mutual reception and sole dispositorships in Davison charts. Part of a series.

Jim Lewis Jim Lewis, Kenneth Irving, Erin sullivan's (forward) The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy Penguin 1997 A*C*G is one of the most exciting concepts to come out of astrology in the recent year. Put simply, when you move to another location - to settle down or for a holiday or just traveling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated. This book helps you discover where in the world you are affected and how. Not only can you better understand your current location but you can look at a world map and learn where you might find more piece, more romance, more adventure or better career opportunities. Highly recommended.

Ivy Goldstein Jacobson Ivy Goldstein Jacobson's Simplified Horary Astrology Self-published 1960. Ivy wrote this book at age 67, and just as her myriad other tomes, she typed it out by hand and had it bound—she was her own editor, publisher and author! This work offers those interested in the art of Horary Astrology an invaluable tool. Here she discusses each house, sign and aspect, the rules for reading various questions, extensive rulerships and explicit chart examples for each chapter. The style is ‘old school’ of course--Ivy grew up in the early 1900’s. Her approach may be full of binary opposites and gender biases, as Lilly before her, but she was a master of the art and still has much to teach.

Looking Glass Richard Idemon's Through the Looking Glass A search for self in the mirror of Relationships. Weiser 1992 Another outstanding work by Idemon, this also is a copy of transcripts of lectures painstakingly edited by Howard Sasportas. He leads us through the natal chart to the well from which springs our personal and family myths. He shows us how to find new ground, in our relationships and in ourselves. A brilliant writer and teacher, his works live on for all students and practitioners to benefit from.

Liz Greene Liz Greene's Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil Weiser 1976 One of Liz's earlier worked and most insightful. Through the lens of Jungian Psychology, she offers us a 'new look' at what Saturn needs, wants and has to offer not only in the natal chart but through synastry and by transit as well. With her powerful voice and rich background of mythology and analytical psychology, this book is essential reading for anyone wanting to go beyond the understanding of basic 'sun sign' astrology and dip into a greater sea of understanding. Very handy to review during those 'every 7 year' Saturn transits that we all experience.

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