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Aquarius Glyph Eros Transits Aquarius: November 12, 2007 to January 6, 2008

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Asteroid 433 EROS enters the sign of Aquarius late on the 12th of November 2007 and transits there until the 6th of January, 2008.

This transit through Aquarius activates the modern ruler -- eccentric, rebellious and unpredictable Uranus. The emphasis of Eros now is out of the pragmatic EARTH element and into the fast paced, communicative quality of AIR. If you anticipate anything from this time at all, make sure you include the unexpected!

Follow Eros through your chart by zodiac degree and declination. You can check the ephemeris below and find information about decans and the constellation & mythology of Aquarius. Also included is a list of Critical degree, and contacts with other planet during this transit including Eros conjunct Moon, Phaethon, Nessus, Nodes Neptune, Odysseus and Neptune. Some Fixed Stars are also considered throughout the text. (You may find up to 6-8 degrees of orb apply, or about 10 days depending on the planet or point transited and other astrological influences.)

What does it mean to have the god of love transiting through the sign of Aquarius? Dennis Elwell said, “…what is unfailingly true of Aquarius is that without a social dimension to their interests, without a sense of making their own individualistic contribution to some group endeavor, development will be hindered.” (Cosmic Loom1999) Look to groups and collective experiences to awaken your erotic longings!

Aquarius is the lightening bolt, anvil to ground, one million volts per meter, the blast of insight that gives inspiration to revolutions and intellectual commonality to like minded thinkers. It is the ivory tower, the principles that uphold it, and the wizard that paces the highest acme. At once aloof and gregarious, exalted and common, visionary and stubborn, Aquarius stands for the aspect of humanity that seeks to become more than it already is. Eros here could be in for some big surprises!

Richard Idemon said that, “the sign a planet is in represents the archetypal principle through which it is going to present itself." What principle will that be for Eros as this asteroid travels through Aquarius? Intellectual excitement? Emotional containment? Humanitarian goals? A focus of energy towards the purity of spirit? What direction will Eros point his mischievous darts? The one you least suspect!

No matter where Eros manifests in your life during this transit, the sign of Aquarius is bound to add a measure of will, determination and audacity! Eros now reaches a well thought out understanding of his intention. The desire to merge and transform combines with a restless urgency and indomitable will. If Eros makes contacts to natal planets or points, the activation may be abrupt, potent, and bizarre. Wherever Aquarius occupy the natal chart, qualities of that house, or houses, will come to life!



Those with natal, progressed or Draconic planets at CRITICAL degrees of the the FIXED signs— 9 & 21 —may notice the transit of Eros over theses points particularly as matters come to a head. This may be of significant particularly as Eros crosses 21 Degrees of Aquarius, the location to the Fixed Star Nashirah--known to the ancient Arabs as "The lucky star of Nashirah" or "the Fortunate One", or "the Bringer of Good Tidings". Eyes wide on the 22nd to the 24th of December for this conjunction.


It may be mentioned that these influences (decanates) are real and actual in their natures, quite as much so as those of the signs. --Alan Leo

The elements of the signs are divided into decans, or divisions of 10 degrees. There are several traditional ways to assign the decanates--the following being my favorite. Here each sign is divided into three lots of 10 degrees, the first taking on the nature of the sign itself. The second decan takes on qualities of the next sign in its element and the third taking on the subsequent sign of its element. The sub-rulers, and their aspects to other planets and the original sign ruler, are always important to consider.

0 to 9 59’- Aquarius glyph-Aquarius glyph The first decan of Aquarius has the most powerful mindset-bluntly, it is the most obstinate. It can be dogmatic if Saturn is stronger than Uranus. This placement is willful, very capable and self-contained. Maturity brings insight, and revolutionary ideas bordering on genius. Free thinking and open minds flourish.

10 to 19 59’-Aquarius glyph -Gemini glyphThe Mercury component increases curiosity, refinement and attention to details. There needs to be practical application for ideas and goals. Communication augments. There is much to discuss! This position is future oriented and more friendly, flexible and flirtatious than the previous; less officious.

20 to 29 59’-Aquarius glyph-Libra Glyph The Venus decan enhances Aquarius with social desires, creativity and sensual expression. Eros may thrive here more than any other Aquarius decan. Group experiences as well are significant, and personal, one to one encounters take on a surprise element. Be ready for the zany, unpredictable and socially outlandish!


Eros Transits to Planets, Points and Asteroids

Eros MoonEros conjunct the Moon

November 16, 2007 @ 1 Aquarius 38'

Slowly, silently, now the moon.
--Walter De La Mare

The Moon transiting over Eros at 1 degree of Aquarius usually involve a subtle inner event of deepening feelings, remembrances from past intimate relationships and the lifting desire to merge in the depths of erotic love. If the transit passes over without making an aspect to a natal planet or angle, the feelings may not even become conscious although a conjunction to the Draconic, natal or progressed chart can stir the emotional caldron strongly enough to evoke an outer experience as well.

Sometimes a love from the past reappears unexpectedly requiring the individual to process unresolved feelings and desires. Conflicting emotions, intense cravings and great confusion mean there is something here to let go of.. If allowed to surface, these feelings can be experienced and put into perspective, giving the individual a chance to move on with a clearer set of emotional needs. If repressed and ignored, the result can be less attractive. It can result in one more brick on the wall of defense, leaving the person just a little cooler and a little more distanced from their own inner world. Permitting deep feelings to surface brings the best results!


Eros opposite Asteroid Phaethon

November 23, 2007 @ 5 Leo 4'

True to its name, asteroid 3200 Phaethon comes closer to the sun than any other named asteroid. Like Eros, it is an earth crosser, coming, in astronomical terms, rather close to our home world. It will be 'quite close' to us in December this year but don't worry, it's still a bit over 11 million miles away. Like Chiron, Phaethon has characteristics of both an asteroid and a comet though it is classed as an Apollo.

To the ancient Greece, Phaeton was the son of Helios, the god of the Sun, and Clymene. As the story goes, he asked his father to grant him a wish and dotting dad say, "Shoot. If it's in my power to give, I will." Phaeton smiled and asked if he might have a go at driving the chariot of the sun.

Unfortunately, it was in Helios' power to grant the wish and reluctantly he turned over the reins. As soon as Phaeton took over, however, it was clear that he couldn't handle the magnificent fire horses. They went out of control and dragged both the chariot and the boy across the sky, scorching the earth when the came too close.

Zeus saw what was happening and stepped in, throwing a thunderbolt directly at Phaethon. The young man was killed instantly, his body landing in the Eridanus river. There Phaethon was mourned by his sisters who were eventually transformed into trees, their tears becoming amber.

With Eros in opposition to this asteroid the days surrounding the transit could be marked with some extreme feeling and actions. Like Phaeton, we may feel the deep desire and audacity to attempt some feat, the risk perhaps too great. Yet even if our chariot goes out of control, we may learn something very important about what we are willing to risk and why.

Sometimes playing it safe keeps us trapped in meritocracy. Everything is okay, but not as grand and wonderful as we would like. Aiming high, shooting for our true goals, can be freeing experience that puts us on our authentic track. People with planets or point within a few degrees of 5 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius may feel this urge to break new ground most strongly between November 20th and 26th!


Nessus and DéjanireEros conjunct   Nessus  Nov 28 @ 7 aq 23

Asteroid 7066 Nessus was discovered in 1993, the second planetoid found by David Rabinowitz. (The first was 5147 Pholus. Click here for the discovery of the Centaur asteroids. Nessus takes 122. 4 years to complete one orbit around the sun, its path coming inside of Uranus and perihelion and crossing outside of Neptune at aphelion.

Melanie Reinhart, in her book Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs - To the Edge and Beyond, describes the Centaurs Nessus, Pholus and Chiron  as "bits of the Underworld (beyond Pluto) that are flung into the Solar System, to become part of our own Underworld, that we are being asked to integrate". For her it is a symbol of our collective consciousness expanding.
Jamie Macphail summarizes her insights:

"Briefly, Pholus represents impulses of which we are only partly conscious. It is where we have to enter chaos and allow transformation to occur through the awakening of the quality of detachment that comes through compassionate self-enquiry - although the process may lead us down a self-destructive path until we become aware of it.
Nessus seems to unlock the tomb from which the ghosts of our long past arise, and its process includes dealing with the power of lust and vengeance, showing where and how we develop integrity and character through power over ourselves."

He goes on to say that Reinhart sees the Centaurs as the emissaries of the Underworld, representing the consciousness that can help us integrate the high-voltage frequencies of the outer planets, which, without mediation, tend to destructively blow apart our Saturnian reality. The orbit-crossing characteristic of the Centaurs symbolizes this, and she has linked Chiron, Pholus and Nessus as mediators of the energy of Saturn/Uranus, Saturn/Neptune and Saturn/Pluto respectively.

Nessus - The buck stops here.

Reinhart suggests that Nessus has to do with issues around the abuse of power, and it has ancestral implications. “It seems that Nessus brings opportunities to understand and release deep patterns of helplessness, being taken advantage of, and being oppressed. This is particularly relevant for people raised in a culture where they are in a minority group. Nessus processes really do seem to bring to an end the unfathomable ties that bind us to people, places, and situations. We can psychoanalyses our bonds, do 'tie cutting exercises', sweat and strain to be free of situations which burn with relentless continuity, but only when such endeavors are in harmony with the deeper timing of the soul will they result in deep release.”

When they do, the Nessus activation can coincide with a time of transcendence where old issues dissolve and the pain and suffering floats away.  Reinhart also suggests physical symptoms that are Mars like in nature relate to Nessus. “. . . sometimes (this) correlates with itching and burning skin as occurs in instances of eczema, nettle rash and allergy for instance. This accords neatly with the Greek myth in which Nessus attempted to abduct and seduce/rape the wife of Hercules wife, Deianira. Heracles saw the rape about to happen and shot Nessus. As he lay dying, Nessus gave Deianira a potion containing his heart's blood and semen, saying that the potion would ensure Heracles faithfulness to her. When she became unsure of Heracles fidelity she smeared the potion on his shirt but Nessus had lied; the mixture, impregnated with his toxic blood was poisonous and it burned Heracles terribly. To escape the pain Heracles threw himself onto a funeral pyre and died. Appalled by what had happened, Deianira committed suicide.”

Not such a happy ending. Hercules kills Nessus, Deianira kills herself and Nessus, effectively, kills Hercules. How does Eros fit into this?

This kind of convoluted mythology may represent the desire, guilt, resentment and despair associated with relationships based on deceit, distrust, jealousy and revenge. Eros is about transformation—turning one thing into another and the combination of these two asteroids may coincide with the release and transformation of the past. Everybody has old wounds. Everyone has experienced pain and abuse. The difference between people who share such a past is that some choose to hold onto it, nurse it and keep it alive and others let it go.

The past does not exist, only our memories of it survives. We can choose to hang on with clenched fists the pains and resentments or we can open our palms, face up, and let go. The transit of  Eros over Nessus may coincide with just such a release, especially for those who have planets and points between 4 and 11 Aquarius.

 Nick Anthony Fiorenza says, “Perhaps with a disrespect for morality, Nessus seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs and emotions of unworthiness. Nessus, in its own raw way, may serve to free up and and promote healing regarding issues of sexual abuse and sexuality in general that had been locked, frozen, held in denial, or suppressed.”

This may be a very positive time for realignment with our authentic nature and desires, letting go of feelings that not only don't serve us but cause us pain. See what you can let go of during this transit. It may feel like dropping a prickly pair that you've been holding to your heart!

Read key words for Nessus from other astrologers including Zane Stein.

Ace of CupsEros conjunct the Nodes of Neptune

Dec 5-6, 2007 @ 11 aq 47

The nodes of the planets are mathematical points where the plane of the orbiting  body crosses the ecliptic or orbital plane of the sun both north and south. Like the moon’s nodes, they are always directly opposite each other and are said to be sensitive points were the energy of the planet ‘collects’. Here we are discussing the heliocentric nodes which move very slowly, about a degree every 80 years.

Jim D’Amato says that Neptune's Nodes are among the most significant of all the Planetary Nodes. Mysticism and psychic experiences have been closely associated with Neptune's Nodes. Music and musical abilities have are associated.

Dane Rudhyar felt that to have the heliocentric nodes of a planet on an angle or conjunct a celestial body at birth is much more powerful than to have a conjunction of the planet itself. He also suggested that when a planet crosses a planetary node (north or south), it acts as a kind of focalized magnifier of the spiritual power of that planet.

The conjunction of Eros to the South Node of Neptune may hold special significance for those with planets or points between 10 and 13 degrees or so of the fixed signs—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Eros may act as a trigger, activating strong Neptune energy according to the house position of the placement. A very basic delineation would be:

  • 1st – 7th house = Self verses relationship to others.
  • 2nd – 8th house = Self-sufficiency verses cooperation and symbiosis
  • 3rd – 9th house = Immediate environment verses global community
  • 4th – 10th house = Home verses career
  • 5th – 11th house = Personal creativity verses group involvements
  • 6th – 12th house = Work and order verses immersion and chaos

What kind of Neptune energy is activated?

It could herald change by dissolving anything solid into a blur of mixed feelings, fantastic dreams and mystical longings. Boundaries melt like candle wax and everything sensible, rational and definite is lost in sensual dance so that what stood for reality a few minutes before can no longer be found. Sometimes it feels like immersion in divine ecstasy or maybe divine madness.

Eros on the South Node of Neptune, especially if this is on a natal, progressed or Draconic planet or point, brings a flood of feeling to consciousness, often through the embodiment of a beloved other. It can seem like a divine god or goddess has incarnated into being, solely to enrapture the heart, bringing back long sundered unity. Needless to say, one can get quite carried away with these kinds of feelings though the most beneficial approach is to ‘float down stream’, allowing for feelings to rise without judgment. Beliefs are laid bare and perhaps found false. Let them go.  

Sometimes relationships may disperse under very suspicious circumstances. We may feel threatened, lied to or deceived. The sense of injustice can be acute, as if everything that gave life a connotation of meaning has been destroyed. This is precisely the state intended! It ushers in the chaotic emotional sea from which we can begin to reclaim and reconstruct life in a more authentic way, a more blissful way because we’ve let go of something we don’t really want.

This contact can also signify a deepening of a union, coinciding with a particular kind of erotic merging. This merging heralds a peak experience, an altered state of consciousness and ultimately, a lasting spiritual transformation. The only tricky thing with Neptune’ Node is, we never know which of these very diverse effect the Sea god will portend. Chaos, loss, ecstasy, merging? Most likely, it will be whatever we make of it. As Mike Dooley says, Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones. Neptune is the power of the imagination, and if you can imaging it, you can experience. Think about that while Eros transits this planetary node!


Odysseus & CirceEros conjunct Odysseus

December 16 @ 17 aq 38

Asteroid 1143 Odysseus is a Trojan Asteroid, so called for its association with hundreds of asteroids in line with Jupiter’s orbit. These bodies are found in two clusters, one 60 degrees (or sextile) ahead of Jupiter and the other 60 degrees behind. Odysseus belongs to the “Greek Camp", those asteroids 60 degrees ahead. (Note: Jupiter is now in Sagittarius and the Greek Camp Asteroids are in Aquarius. The Trojan Camp, running at a constant trine to the Greek, is in Libra.) It is possible that these asteroids are more like comets or Kuiper Belt objects in size and structure.

The mythology of Odysseus is classical history. He was the ruler of the island kingdom of Ithica and a primary mover in the war against Troy. A strategist known for his shrewd mind, Odysseus’ fate was woven into the fabric of the times. He ruled multitudes of men, leading them into battle and adventure, yet a hand full of women rocked his world. He was one of the original suitors of Helen, and when Menelaus won her, he swore to defend the other man’s marriage rights. When it came time to sail to Troy however, he bulked, pretending to be crazy—sowing his freshly ploughed fields with salt. When they put his infant son in front of the plough, however, he swerved aside, proving his sanity.

Once at the siege of Troy, he fought hard for ten years, eventually implementing the idea of the famous ‘Trojan Horse’ and winning the battle for Greece. The trip home, a mere few weeks sail at most, took ten more years, beset with monsters, sirens, tests, trials and tribulations. An epic hero’s journey, if it hadn’t been for the advice he received in the underworld from his mother, Ajax and others, he would never have made it. As it was, he spent years with two women, the powerful witch Circe (whom he had several children by) and Calypso, a nymph, daughter of the Titan Atlas. Though these women in their turn offered him power, delights and immortality, he held to his intention to return to Ithica and his queen, Penelope.

When he finally did get home, he disguised himself as a beggar, discovering that his wife had been faithfully waiting for him though his palace was filled with belligerent suitors. He hadn’t battled gods and demons and supernatural forces for twenty years to let these course men stop him and with some cunning and help from his son, Telemachus, (and eventually Athena) he slaughtered the suitors, and any of their relatives that tried to protest, and was once again reigning king of Ithica.

Much of Odysseus’ travels were laced with erotic episodes. He longed to hear the deadly Sirens, for example, yet live to recall it. He had his men block their ears but he instead was bound to the mast of his ship. The music of the Sirens was so beautiful he begged to be released but the men, their ears filled with wax, sailed on.

His years with the enchantress Circe and the Titan goddess Calypso were bitter sweet love affairs, resulting in more offspring (creative outcomes) but Odysseus wanted ever to return home to his halls, and to Penelope. With the aid of his cunning and his guile, his arts as a lover and his refinement as a man, (which kept Athena on his side) he eventually won out.
When Eros and Odysseus meet, the opportunity for erotic adventure appears, sometimes in the guise of a resented chore. What starts out as routine turns upside down, bring with it all the thrills and disruption of a spirited and sultry romance. The need for a strategy, or at least shrewd discernment, comes into play, teetering on the balance between standing ones ground and abandoning the heart to erotic pleasure.

If you have a planet or angle between 14 and 20 degrees of  the fixed signs, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio, (or between 14 and 20 degrees of the Air signs Gemini or Libra) the time of conjunction could be a powerful few days that bring with it surprise, escapade and romance. The house that this conjunction falls in (where 17 degrees of Aquarius is in your chart) suggests the environment, circumstances or people that might be involved in the erotic odyssey!


Eros & Neptune

Eros Conjunct Neptune

December 20, 2007 @ 19 Aquarius 54'

So the lively force of his mind has broken down all the barriers, and he has past far beyond the fiery walls of the world, and in mind and spirit has traversed the boundless universe.

When the god of numinous spirit is touched by the god of love, generally one is a goner. If this transit manifests at all in the conscious awareness, it drowns us in a sea of unity with the divine, lifting us so far above the mundane matters of the world we can see only the immortal beloved. Usually we feel rather romantically incline, if not helplessly head over heals in love.

What may be going on is a reminder call about the spiritual world, about the inner experience of the ineffable. This can rarely be processed in any rational or personal way but is readily scooped up into a projection of longing for the usually unobtainable other. Hopelessly impossible relationships dangle between people who have little or no chance of being with each other in any conventional sense of the word. The mystery of it all is that this does not seem to matter.

What matters are the feelings evoked. Quite possibly, there will be times when these feelings far surpass any sensation ever experienced before, defying translation into rational forms of communiqué. The awakening may seem based on tremendous sensual and sexual attraction yet the results can be a peak or religious experience.
With this contact, the spirits leave the body and mingle together in a world impossible to comprehend. The relationship takes place in that ‘other realm’ where everything merges into one continuum of energy and light. This is not an ordinary infatuation, this is communion with the god.

Of course, the lucky other will be mortal and in that sense, ordinary. The odds of disappointment are there along with the enrapture. If we are willing to have the whole experience, without skimping, the results can be magnificent. What can eventuate is a very real contact with the inner divinity and when that is offered through the beloved, who would say no? Those with planets or points between 15 and 25 of the Fixed signs may feel this most strongly.

Eros Ephemeris
    Date     |        Eros         |
             |                     |
             |     LONG      DECL  |
12 Nov 2007  | 29 cp 41     -15°18 |
13 Nov 2007  |  0 aq 10     -15°10 |
14 Nov 2007  |  0 aq 39     -15°02 |
15 Nov 2007  |  1 aq  8     -14°54 |
16 Nov 2007  |  1 aq 38     -14°46 |
17 Nov 2007  |  2 aq  7     -14°37 |
18 Nov 2007  |  2 aq 37     -14°29 |
19 Nov 2007  |  3 aq  7     -14°20 |
20 Nov 2007  |  3 aq 37     -14°12 |
21 Nov 2007  |  4 aq  7     -14°03 |
22 Nov 2007  |  4 aq 38     -13°54 |
23 Nov 2007  |  5 aq  8     -13°46 |
24 Nov 2007  |  5 aq 39     -13°37 |
25 Nov 2007  |  6 aq 10     -13°28 |
26 Nov 2007  |  6 aq 41     -13°18 |
27 Nov 2007  |  7 aq 12     -13°09 |
28 Nov 2007  |  7 aq 43     -13°00 |
29 Nov 2007  |  8 aq 15     -12°50 |
30 Nov 2007  |  8 aq 46     -12°41 |
01 Dec 2007  |  9 aq 18     -12°31 |
02 Dec 2007  |  9 aq 50     -12°21 |
03 Dec 2007  | 10 aq 22     -12°12 |
04 Dec 2007  | 10 aq 54     -12°02 |
05 Dec 2007  | 11 aq 26     -11°51 |
06 Dec 2007  | 11 aq 59     -11°41 |
07 Dec 2007  | 12 aq 31     -11°31 |
08 Dec 2007  | 13 aq  4     -11°21 |
09 Dec 2007  | 13 aq 37     -11°10 |
10 Dec 2007  | 14 aq 10     -11°00 |
11 Dec 2007  | 14 aq 43     -10°49 |
12 Dec 2007  | 15 aq 16     -10°38 |
13 Dec 2007  | 15 aq 49     -10°27 |
14 Dec 2007  | 16 aq 23     -10°16 |
15 Dec 2007  | 16 aq 57     -10°05 |
16 Dec 2007  | 17 aq 30     - 9°54 |
17 Dec 2007  | 18 aq  4     - 9°42 |
18 Dec 2007  | 18 aq 38     - 9°31 |
19 Dec 2007  | 19 aq 13     - 9°19 |
20 Dec 2007  | 19 aq 47     - 9°08 |
21 Dec 2007  | 20 aq 21     - 8°56 |
22 Dec 2007  | 20 aq 56     - 8°44 |
23 Dec 2007  | 21 aq 31     - 8°32 |
24 Dec 2007  | 22 aq  5     - 8°20 |
25 Dec 2007  | 22 aq 40     - 8°08 |
26 Dec 2007  | 23 aq 15     - 7°56 |
27 Dec 2007  | 23 aq 50     - 7°43 |
28 Dec 2007  | 24 aq 26     - 7°31 |
29 Dec 2007  | 25 aq  1     - 7°18 |
30 Dec 2007  | 25 aq 37     - 7°05 |
31 Dec 2007  | 26 aq 12     - 6°53 |
01 Jan 2008  | 26 aq 48     - 6°40 |
02 Jan 2008  | 27 aq 24     - 6°27 |
03 Jan 2008  | 28 aq  0     - 6°14 |
04 Jan 2008  | 28 aq 36     - 6°01 |
05 Jan 2008  | 29 aq 13     - 5°47 |
06 Jan 2008  | 29 aq 49     - 5°34 |
07 Jan 2008  |  0 pi 25     - 5°20 |

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Water Bearer

Aquarius GlyphAquarius Mythology

The symbol of the Water Bearer emerges out of many cultures, including ancient Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian. Located on the ecliptic and visible from the southern hemisphere, the Water Bearer was perhaps first named by the Sumerians.

In Babylonia, this region of the zodiac was known as the Sea and populated by water-related constellations (the Sea-goat of Capricorn and the fishes of Pisces). The constellation of Aquarius spans the skys from the celestial equator to the southern hemisphere: RA=20h 40m to RA=0h and declination 3 to 24 degrees. Pegasus Equuleus and Delphinus are to the north, Aquila to the west, Capricornus at the south-western border, Piscis Austrinus and Sculptor to the south, Cetus to the east and Pisces at the north-eastern edge.

The stars gamma Aqr (called Sadachbia), eta Aqr, zeta Aqr and pi Aqr form a small, Y-shaped cluster which is the main feature of this constellation. It marks the water jar representing this astrological sign .Aquarius must not be confused with the WATER element, however. He is all AIR, pristine, impeccable and expansive. Note that the bearer's hands never actually get wet, though they provide the world with water: life, emotions, imagination, and the unconscious. This sign is a natural facilitator, even if they stay detached from the commodity they traffic in.

Ancient Mesopotamian's linked the constellation of Aquarius with the rainy season, calling it the ‘water bucket’. The Egyptians saw this same group of stars as Khnum, the god of water who caused the Nile to overflow when he dipped his vessel into the river. The Egyptian hieroglyphic for water is the same as the glyph for Aquarius.

The ancient Greeks associate this constellation with Ganymede, the cup bearer of Zeus. Ganymede was a beautiful youth and when Zeus spotted him, he couldn’t resist. With the help of Eros, he capture the young man brought him up to Mt. Olympus and made him cupbearer of the gods. It was Ganymede who pleaded with Zeus to send rain to humankind when the earth was in drought. He was then honored as Aquarius, god of rain, and placed amongst the stars.

The nature and archetypal essence of Aquarius is also aligned with the Titian Prometheus. He is the cosmic social worker who steals fire from Zeus and gives it to humankind, at great cost to himself!

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