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Minerva and the Muses. Detail of painting by Hans Rottenhammer 1564-1626. Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg.

Eros Transit through Aquarius



Eros enters the sign of Aquarius on December 22, 2005 and transits there until February 12, 2006, conjuncting Venus & Chiron, setting off the Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune T-square, and linking up with Asteroid 3361 Orpheus. This transit through Aquarius activates the traditional ruler, Saturn, lord of the Titans-serious, sensual, tenacious. The modern ruler, however, is the eccentric, rebellious and unpredictable Uranus. The emphasis of Eros now is out of the pragmatic EARTH and into the fast paced, communicative element of AIR. If you anticipate anything from this time at all, make sure you include the unexpected!

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…what is unfailingly true of Aquarius is that without a social dimension to their interests, without a sense of making their own individualistic contribution to some group endeavor, development will be hindered.” Dennis Elwell (Cosmic Loom1999)

Aquarius is the lightening bolt, the blast of insight that gives inspiration to revolutions and intellectual commonality to like minded thinkers. It is the ivory tower, the principles that uphold it, and the wizard that paces the highest acme. At once aloof and gregarious, exalted and common, visionary and stubborn, Aquarius stands for the aspect of humanity that seeks to become more than it already is. Eros here could be in for some surprises!

Richard Idemon said that,

“the sign a planet is in represents the archetypal principle through which it is going to present itself.”

What principle will that be for Eros as this asteroid travels through Aquarius? Intellectual excitement? Emotional containment? Humanitarian goals? A focus of energy towards the purity of spirit?

What direction will Eros point his mischievous darts? The one you least suspected!

No matter where Eros manifests in your life during this transit, the sign of Aquarius is bound to add a measure of will, determination and audacity! Eros now reaches a well thought out understanding of his intention. The desire to merge and transform combines with a restless urgency and indomitable will. If Eros makes contacts to natal planets or points, the activation of those planets may be abrupt, potent, and bizarre. Wherever Aquarius occupy the natal chart, qualities of that house, or houses, will come to life!


Those with natal, progressed or Draconic planets at CRITICAL degrees of the the FIXED signs— 9 & 21 —may notice the transit of Eros over theses points particularly as matters come to a head. (Comments welcome on the forum!)


It may be mentioned that these influences (decanates) are real and actual in their natures, quite as much so as those of the signs.

--Alan Leo

The elements of the signs are divided into decans, or divisions of 10 degrees. There are several traditional ways to assign the decanates--the following being my favorite.

Here each sign is divided into three lots of 10 degrees, the first taking on the nature of the sign itself. The second decan takes on qualities of the next sign in its element and the third taking on the subsequent sign of its element. The sub-rulers, and their aspects to other planets and the original sign ruler, are always important to consider.

0 to 9 59’Aq-AqThe first decan of Aquarius has the most powerful mindset-it’s the most obstinate. It can be dogmatic if Saturn is stronger than Uranus. This placement is willful, capable and self-contained. Maturity brings insight, and revolutionary ideas bordering on genius.

10 to 19 59’Aq-GeminiThe Mercury component increases curiosity, refinement and attention to details. There needs to be practical application for ideas and goals. Communication augments. There is much to discuss! This position is future oriented and more friendly, flexible and flirtatious than the previous; less predominate.

20 to 29 59’Aq-LibraThe Venus decan enhances Aquarius with social desires, creativity and sensual expression. Eros may flourish here more than any other Aquarius decan. Group experiences as well as collectively significant, personal, one to one encounters take on a surprise element. Be ready for the zany, unpredictable and socially outlandish!

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ChironEros & Chiron

433 Eros will conjunct Chiron (and Venus) at 1 degree of Aquarius, as it enters the sign. Those who have personal planets or points at the early degree of the fixed signs, take note!

“And thou, dear father Chiron, brought to birth with pledge of an immortal life, informed with ever-during strength, when biting flames of torment from the baneful serpent’s blood are coursing in thy veins, thou shall implore a welcome death; and thy immortal life the gods shall suffer to the power of death—and the three Destinies shall cut thy thread.” --Ovid

Chiron embodies the archetype of the Wounded Healer and teacher, daring us to do the impossible. He is the outcast who passes his wealth of knowledge on through the arts of healing, philosophy, astrology, music, strategy and tactics of war. He himself was terminal, mortally wounded yet unable to die because of his immortality. In this way, he suffered deeply until at last he was released from his pain by trading places in the underworld with the Titan, Prometheus.

Chiron was half brother to Zeus, his father being Saturn who seduced the lovely Philyra. Unfortunately, the seduction was cut short when Rhea spied the lovers by a flowing stream. Saturn, in his haste to escape his wife’s scrutiny, turned himself into a horse to get away. The resultant child, Chiron, was born a Centaur. He had the body of a horse and the torso of a man thus merging the divine with raw nature. Philyra took one look at her child and, repulsed, left him on the slopes of Mt. Olympus for the gods to tend. (Which they did, after turning her into a Lemon tree.)

Chiron grew up with the gods on Mt. Olympus. He never mingled much with the other centaurs as they were base and ignoble, given to wild drinking and debauchery. Rejected by his mother, ignored by his father and outcast to the gods, mortals and centaurs alike, Chiron sought truth in knowledge and wisdom. It is not clear if this was done out of solace to his loneliness or purely out of defense, but the results made Chiron one of the greatest thinkers and healers of his time.

He taught the likes of Achilles, Actaeon, Aristaeus, Jason, Medus and Patroclus. He was entrusted with the education of the sons’ of kings and gods alike not just because of his great wisdom, but also because of his unfailing goodness. When asked who trained Achilles, Agamemnon replied:

Chiron brought him up, to prevent his learning the ways of the wicked.

It was Chiron who felt such great compassion that he fashioned a likeness of Actaeon to appease the suffering of the youth’s dogs after they mistakenly devoured him.

Actaeon being gone, the dogs sought their master howling lamentably, and in the search they came to the cave of Chiron, who fashioned an image of Actaeon, which soothed their grief.”

While Prometheus hung chained in the underworld, tortured by the command of Zeus for bringing fire to humankind, Chiron was accidentally wounded by an arrow of Hercules. This particular arrow was dipped in the blood of the Hydra and promised a certain death. Chiron, because of his immortality, could not die, nor could he be healed and so began his deeper pain. The exchange of places in the underworld, however, freed not only Chiron, but Prometheus also.

There seems no surviving account of encounters between Chiron and Eros. Certainly, their roles and attitudes in myth were quite divergent having contrasting interests and associations. It is clear, however that Chiron did experience love and union with his wife, Chariclo, who bore him three daughters, Endeis, Melanippe and Ocyrrohe. Jason speaks of them when he journeys to his homeland:

I say that I am going to bring the teaching of Chiron; for I come from his cave, from the presence of Chariclo and Philyra, where the holy daughters of the Centaur raised me.

One of these holy daughters is a prophetess:

“Behold, his lovely daughter, who was born beside the margin of a rapid stream, came forward with her yellow hair as gold adown her shoulders. She was known by the name Ocyroe. The hidden things the Fates conceal, she had the power to tell, for not content was she to learn her father’s arts, but rather pondered on mysterious things."

That Chiron adored his daughter Ocyroe is clear. When she transforms unwillingly into a mare, Chiron beseeches the aid of Apollo to help her. His prayers, however, are in vain as Hera deals out punishment to Ocyroe for her prophesizing. Again Chiron, and his progeny, suffers.

When Eros is found in aspect to Chiron, an element of this suffering is evoked. It is possible that the fires of Eros may burn deeper so that a transformation may be assured. It may also indicate a need to embody a greater level of compassion in relationships, even in the face of pain, rejection or betrayal.

With transiting Eros conjunct Chiron touches a personal planet or point, one may experience a sense of isolation or separation from the realm of erotic union. There can be, self-imposed or otherwise, a sense of disunion that limits or proscribes the kind of intimacy longed for by Eros. That Chiron himself wed Chariclo offers encouragement. Even in the face of devastation, the outcast found love, union and procreation--yet the element of separation comes first. Perhaps a relationship is severed, even briefly, so that the reunion can be experienced with an accompanying transformation..

The pain of Chiron is grave. When Eros is in aspect to it, the awakenings of erotic love can coincide with the awakenings of the wound. This exposure can lead to the healing and release of pain, or it can lead to a deeper wound within. Possibly, it will do both. The levels of compassion and wisdom that can be gained are in proportion to our willingness to experience both the erotic and the wound, seemingly as Chiron did.

The transit of progressed Venus over Eros denotes a social time when we seek out the company of others and the stimulation of real human contact. Mostly these times will result in warm feelings and a heightened awareness of values and desires. Sometimes they will coincide with a very strong urge to fulfill those desires and longings, no matter what the consequence.

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VenusVenus and Eros

These two bodies conjunct along with Chiron on the 24-26th of December, 2005 @ 1 degree of Aquarius. Venus is a symbol of the power of values and attraction and when it is touching Eros those powers can ignite into the manifestation of just what we want. The interesting thing to note, when this happens, is the response to that manifestation. Sometimes what we want fails to sustain or fascinate us once it is obtained. If contacting a personal planet or house cusp, these transits can help clarify cravings and bring to consciousness the nature of their value.

It is also possible, under this Venus/Eros conjunction, to discover that the conscious desires and the unconscious ones are not identical. As the saying goes, if we are advertising for Poets and keeps getting truck drivers, we best check the ad. This can be a good time to get in touch with personal values we hold esthetically important. If no contradictory transits are in place at the at the same time, it can also have a festive feel encouraging celebration and socializing. If it is linked with other indicators and conjuncting an angle, node or vertex, it can mark the beginnings of a new intimate relationship.

OrpheusEros & Orpheus

G. Kratzenstein-sub, Orpheus & Eurydice.

3361 Orpheus will be conjunct Eros within 5 degrees (by retrograde) from the 6th of January, 2006 to the 11th of January, 2006. The exact degree of conjunction is 9 Aquarius on the 9th of January, at the same time as the Eros-Saturn opposition!

Asteroid 3361 Orpheus is an earth-crosser, meaning it orbits between Venus and Jupiter, crossing the orbital path of earth. It takes 1.33 years to complete a revolution around the sun.

The mythology of Orpheus is striking, especially when we understand the intensity of love that compels and transforms him, and his connection to Sappho. The story is about the ascension of consciousness after an experience of love, death, transformation and death yet again. Orpheus is transformed! He can animate the earth, trees and animals that hear his songs. This means, in the reverse symbolism of myths, that he seeks and achieves union with the outer realms of Nature and the Cosmos; that he moves from the particular and the self-centered to the universal. (Thanasis Maskaleris, Narcissus and Orpheus)

Orpheus, given a Lyre and taught to play by Apollo, was the greatest musician of his time, perhaps of all times. According to the Ancient Greeks, his music and his singing voice would calm wild beasts. It saved the Argonauts form the deadly lure of the Sirens, and even evoked trees and rocks to uproot and dance.

Some say that Orpheus preferred ‘youths’in his intimate encounters but he fell in love with and married Eurydice. At his wedding the couple were blessed but the oracle was not optimistic. Shortly after the ceremony, the shepherd Aristaeus was taken by the beauty of Eurydice and pursued her. She fled through a meadow and was bitten by a snake. It killed her instantly.

Orpheus greave long, desperately and deep, so much so that he decided to go down into the underworld and retrieve her. He used his songs to charm Cerberus, guardian of the threshold, and persuade Hades to let her return to the land of the living with him.

Hades agreed but there was one stipulation. Eurydice was to follow him out of the underworld and he was not to look back at her until they cleared the entrance and gained the light of day. Sadly, he looked back just before they were free and he lost her all over again.

Virgil writes in the first century AD:

Orpheus,” (Eurydice cries out), “what ruin hath thy frenzy wrought
On me, alas! and thee? Lo! once again
The unpitying fates recall me, and dark sleep
Closes my swimming eyes. And now farewell:
Girt with enormous night I am borne away,
Outstretching toward thee, thine, alas! no more,
These helpless hands.’ She spake, and suddenly,
Like smoke dissolving into empty air,
Passed and was sundered from his sight; nor him
Clutching vain shadows, yearning sore to speak,
Thenceforth beheld she, nor no second time
Hell's boatman brooks he pass the watery bar.
(Verg.G. 4: 494)

Now falling into an even deeper grief, he becomes a seer and a healer as well as a musician. He adds to his bardic tradition the skills or the oracle (not unlike Chiron). His mourning was so profound that he was eventually dismembered by Maenads to silence his grief. His limbs were strewn everywhere and his head and Lyre float down river and into the sea. Eventually, his head lands on the island of Lesbos where the magic of his voice and music is passed on, eventually, to Sappho. His Lyre is set amongst the stars as a constellation.

We can ask, why did he look back? Why didn’t he trust that Eurydice was there, even if he couldn’t see her or hear the sounds of her footfalls? How could he ‘forget’ the mandate of Hades?

As Thanasis Maskaleris points out, what matters more is the experience Orpheus has, and the resultant transformation—his knowledge of the dark realm, his second loss of his beloved and how these encounters, more bitter than sweet, change his soul. He ascends to become more than he was before, as musician and seer, and finally as healer.

Some say that when he died, he was then reunited with Eurydice where he played for her endlessly in the underworld.

With Orpheus conjunct Eros, especially for those who have planets or points around 9 degrees of the fixed signs, the experience may coincide with an exceptional transformation. What house this occupies my advise as to the area of life that provokes the change and the people that may participate.

Herbert Marcuse writes about mythic and psychological considerations of Eros and Orpheus saying, The images of Orpheus . . . reconcile Eros (love) and Thanatos (death). They recall the experience of a world that is not to be mastered and controlled but to be liberated-- a freedom that will release the powers of Eros now bound in the repressed and petrified forms of man and nature. These powers are conceived not as destruction but as peace, not as terror but as beauty… the Orphic Eros transforms being: he masters cruelty and death through liberation. His language is song, and his work is play.” Herbert Marcuse, “Eros and Civilization” Chapter 8.

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JupioEros, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn &Neptune T-square

From January 8, 2006 to January 22, 2006, Eros will trigger the points of the long-term fixed T-square involving Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. Anyone with fixed planets or points between 7 and 19 degrees of the fixed signs needs to watch this transit closely; Everyone can be alert to the 4 houses this configuration highlights!

Eros and Mars

When Mars transits Eros meet, it is possible to have a powerful impact, especially if they stay within orb for long. Mars wants action and according to the sign and house involved, he often gets just that.

In the context of the Grand Cross, the libido intensifies giving the added zing to go out and get, say or do what needs to be done. The desire nature increases, boosting Jupiter, goading Saturn and honing Neptune. The grace or delicacy of the approach, however, is usually minimized.

If this aspect touches off natal points, we are likely to feel an insatiate desire for intimacy and erotic union. Depending on the situation, this could result in the initiation of a new affair or relationship or at least put us in touch with those longings if they lay repressed or dormant. It may also indicate an eruption or conflict in an ongoing relationship but usually that is the case only if there is stagnation or a backlog of unexpressed feelings. In this situation, the challenge of Mars, and even a resultant fray, can lead to deeper understanding as feelings express and the air clears.

Eros and Jupiter

Eros in square to Jupiter can increase the levels of optimism and desire bestowing a feeling of invincibility. When the king of the gods gets a wink from Eros, he’s probably not going to want to sit at home alone. Adventure, exploration and the pursuit of sexual encounters could be high on the list of royal priorities. Unfortunately, there are a few provisos.

This transit can coincide with chance rendezvous that lead to opportunities for romantic, creative and enterprising pursuits. Because Eros awakens the enthusiasm and eagerness of the individual, they often present themselves in a way that generally gets a yes. Jupiter aroused believes in himself to such a degree that the tendency is to 'go over the top'. One can overstep the boundaries of Saturn and the foggy regions of Neptune, making for some very mysterious encounters--including those of the shadow.

This transit can also synchronize with formal agreements such as new contracts for partnership, book and CD launches, art exhibitions, celebrations and sometimes weddings. It may be considered in an electional or horary chart as positive for these kinds of activities when not linked to the other outer planets.

Eros and Saturn

When transiting Eros and Saturn met, the desire to ground in the depths of a meaningful sexual union can become quite strong. It can also be terribly frightening. The passions of Saturn are no less potent than mars or Jupiter, they just have trouble expressing themselves in overt and straightforward ways. An awakened Saturn means an awakened Shadow, and that can mean there is a serpent in paradise.

It is important to honor the power Saturn has to manifest an image of our inner demon. The tricky bit is that this inner demon may appear, at first, as a dream lover, a perfect match. The one it may be, but which one? Usually it is the one that matches and awakens every little scrap of fear, inhibition, sense of defect, isolation, pain and loneliness a person can store. Why this feels so good initially is a complex mystery. Why it may spiral down into a stinking mire of unprocessed and unexpressed emotional turmoil makes much better sense.

Eros and Saturn may indicate the deepening of a relationship into a more tangible form, with all the fears and potentials that coincide with such an event. It can signify the awareness of a bond between two lovers that keeps them together in the face of aversion. It can also signify the separation of that bond if the aversion becomes too great.

The longer lasting transits to Saturn will manifest according to the emotional maturity and experience of the individual. For those who have yet to experience their first Saturn return, it can seem like outer circumstances block every effort to merge, create and transform. For those who have touched on their natal Saturn somewhat, it can coincide with commitment, deep attachment and even marriage. If Saturn is aspected to Eros in the natal chart, the opportunity to review those natal issues will arise. In this case, the chance for growth is accompanied by this transit, although it may feel more like pruning at the time.

Eros and Neptune

When the god of numinous spirit conjuncts the god of love, a quickening occurs. If this transit manifests at all in the conscious awareness, it immerses us in a sea of unity with the divine, taking us so far above the mundane matters of the world we can see only the immortal beloved. If we project the experience back to 'waking life' we feel rather romantically incline, if not helplessly head over heals in love, with a person, project or land.

What may be going on is a reminder call about the spiritual world, about the inner experience of the ineffable. This can rarely be processed in any rational or personal way but is readily scooped up into a projection of longing for the usually unobtainable other. Hopelessly impossible relationships dangle between people who have little or no chance of being with each other in any conventional sense of the word. The mystery of it all is that this does not seem to matter.

What matters are the feelings evoked. Quite possibly, there will be times when these feelings far surpass any sensation ever experienced before, defying translation into rational forms of communiqué. The awakening may seem based on tremendous sensual and sexual attraction yet the results can be a peak or religious experience. With this contact, the spirit leaves the body and travels a world impossible to comprehend. Something takes place in that ‘other realm’, behind the veil, where everything merges into one continuum of energy and light. This is not an ordinary experience, this is communion with the goddess.

Because this contact also activates Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, the range of experiences can be extensive. Those interested in exploring this further, please visit the new thread on the forum!

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From Swiss Ephemeris

    Date     |    Eros     |   Orpheus   |
             |             |             |
             |     LONG    |     LONG    |
22 Dec 2005  | 29 cp 26    | 28 aq 19 Rx |
23 Dec 2005  | 00 aq 01    | 27 aq 40 Rx |
24 Dec 2005  | 00 aq 35    | 27 aq  0 Rx |
25 Dec 2005  | 01 aq 10    | 26 aq 17 Rx |
26 Dec 2005  | 01 aq 45    | 25 aq 31 Rx |
27 Dec 2005  | 02 aq 20    | 24 aq 42 Rx |
28 Dec 2005  | 02 aq 55    | 23 aq 50 Rx |
29 Dec 2005  | 03 aq 30    | 22 aq 56 Rx |
30 Dec 2005  | 04 aq 05    | 21 aq 58 Rx |
31 Dec 2005  | 04 aq 40    | 20 aq 57 Rx |
01 Jan 2006  |  05 aq 15    | 19 aq 53 Rx |
02 Jan 2006  | 05 aq 51    | 18 aq 46 Rx |
03 Jan 2006  | 06 aq 26    | 17 aq 35 Rx |
04 Jan 2006  | 07 aq 01    | 16 aq 21 Rx |
05 Jan 2006  | 07 aq 36    | 15 aq  4 Rx |
06 Jan 2006  | 08 aq 12    | 13 aq 45 Rx |
07 Jan 2006  | 08 aq 47    | 12 aq 22 Rx |
08 Jan 2006  | 09 aq 22    | 10 aq 57 Rx |
09 Jan 2006  | 09 aq 58    | 09 aq 29 Rx |
10 Jan 2006  | 10 aq 33    | 07 aq 59 Rx |
11 Jan 2006  | 11 aq 09    | 06 aq 28 Rx |
12 Jan 2006  | 11 aq 44    | 04 aq 55 Rx |
13 Jan 2006  | 12 aq 20    | 03 aq 22 Rx |
14 Jan 2006  | 12 aq 56    | 01 aq 48 Rx |
15 Jan 2006  | 13 aq 31    | 00 aq 14 Rx |
16 Jan 2006  | 14 aq 07    | 28 cp 41 Rx |
17 Jan 2006  | 14 aq 43    | 27 cp  9 Rx |
18 Jan 2006  | 15 aq 19    | 25 cp 39 Rx |
19 Jan 2006  | 15 aq 54    | 24 cp 10 Rx |
20 Jan 2006  | 16 aq 30    | 22 cp 44 Rx |
21 Jan 2006  | 17 aq 06    | 21 cp 21 Rx |
22 Jan 2006  | 17 aq 42    | 20 cp  0 Rx |
23 Jan 2006  | 18 aq 18    | 18 cp 43 Rx |
24 Jan 2006  | 18 aq 54    | 17 cp 30 Rx |
25 Jan 2006  | 19 aq 30    | 16 cp 20 Rx |
26 Jan 2006  | 20 aq 07    | 15 cp 14 Rx |
27 Jan 2006  | 20 aq 43    | 14 cp 11 Rx |
28 Jan 2006  | 21 aq 19    | 13 cp 13 Rx |
29 Jan 2006  | 21 aq 55    | 12 cp 19 Rx |
30 Jan 2006  | 22 aq 32    | 11 cp 28 Rx |
31 Jan 2006  | 23 aq 08    | 10 cp 41 Rx |
01 Feb 2006  | 23 aq 45    |  9 cp 58 Rx |
02 Feb 2006  | 24 aq 21    |  9 cp 19 Rx |
03 Feb 2006  | 24 aq 58    |  8 cp 43 Rx |
04 Feb 2006  | 25 aq 34    |  8 cp 10 Rx |
05 Feb 2006  | 26 aq 11    |  7 cp 41 Rx |
06 Feb 2006  | 26 aq 48    |  7 cp 15 Rx |
07 Feb 2006  | 27 aq 24    |  6 cp 53 Rx |
08 Feb 2006  | 28 aq 01    |  6 cp 33 Rx |
09 Feb 2006  | 28 aq 38    |  6 cp 15 Rx |
10 Feb 2006  | 29 aq 15    |  6 cp  1 Rx |
11 Feb 2006  | 29 aq 52    |  5 cp 09 Rx |
12 Feb 2006  | 00 pi 29    |  5 cp 39 Rx |


Dates of Note:

Eros conjunct Venus-Dec 25-26 @ 1 Aq

Eros conjunct Chiron-Dec 25-26 @ 1 Aq

Eros opposite Saturn-Jan 8 & 9 @ 9 Aq

Eros conjunct Orpheus-Jan 8 & 9 @ 9 Aq

Eros conjunct Neptune-Jan 20 @ 16 Aq

Eros square Jupiter-Jan 20 @ 16 Aq

Eros opp Mars-Jan 21 & 22 @ 17 Aq

Venus conjunct Orpheus-Jan 23 @ 18 cap

VenusRetrogradeDec 25, '05 - Feb 03, '06 cap


Phanes© Copyright 2006 Kim Falconer


Aquarius stars

Johannes Hevelius' Aquarius from Uranographia (1690)

The constellation & Myths

The symbol of the Water Bearer emerges out of many cultures, including ancient Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian. Located on the ecliptic and visible from the southern hemisphere, the Water Bearer was perhaps first named by the Sumerians.

In Babylonia, this region of the zodiac was known as the Sea and populated by water-related constellations (the Sea-goat of Capricorn and the fishes of Pisces). The constellation of Aquarius spans the skys from the celestial equator to the southern hemisphere: RA=20h40m to RA=0h and declination 3 to 24 degrees. Pegasus Equuleus and Delphinus are to the north, Aquila to the west, Capricornus at the south-western border, Piscis Austrinus and Sculptor to the south, Cetus to the east and Pisces at the north-eastern edge.

The stars gamma Aqr (called Sadachbia), eta Aqr, zeta Aqr and pi Aqr form a small, Y-shaped cluster which is the main feature of this constellation. It marks the water jar representing this astrological sign.

Aquarius must not be confused with the WATER element, however. He is all AIR, pristine, impeccable and expansive. Note that the bearer's hands never actually get wet, though he provides the world with water: life, emotions, imagination, and the unconscious. He's a natural facilitator, even if he stays detached from the commodity he traffics in.

Ancient Mesopotamian's linked the constellation of Aquarius with the rainy season, calling it the ‘water bucket’. The Egyptians linked this same group of stars with Khnum, the god of water who caused the Nile to overflow when he dipped his vessel into the river. The Egyptian hieroglyphic for water is the same as the glyph for Aquarius. The ancient Greeks associate this constellation with Ganymede, the cup bearer of Zeus.

Ganymede was a beautiful youth and when Zeus spotted him, he couldn’t resist. With the help of Eros, he capture the young man brought him up to Mt. Olympus to be the cupbearer of the gods. It was Ganymede who pleaded with Zeus to send rain to humankind when the earth was in drought. He was then honored as Aquarius, god of rain, and placed amongst the stars.

The actual nature and archetypal essence of Aquarius, is more authentically aligned with the Titian Prometheus. He is the cosmic social worker who steals fire from Zeus and gives it to humankind, at great cost, and guilt, to himself!

Astrology & Aptitude

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By Kim Falconer

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Joseph Campbell advised everyone to live authentically by “following their bliss,” but how many of us do? Somewhere along the way, we lose site of our aims. We forget the myths that guide us, and end up lost in the dark. This book is a light in that darkness, a guide to our own natural talents, aptitudes and potential.

With Astrology & Aptitude you will:

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