Paris & Helen

(1) Paris in Greek Mythology is the son of King Priam. When Hecuba, his wife and queen was pregnant with Paris, she had a nightmare--her unborn child grew up to destroy all of Troy. Priam, disturbed by the nature of the dream, sought oracular advice. He was told that his son would lead to the destruction of Troy. Shocked, Priam ordered the baby be put to death by the herdsman, Agelaus.

Agelaus left the child on Mount Ida to die from exposure but, returning five days later, found the boy still alive and took him home, where he brought him up in secret. Paris grew in to a man, noted for his extreme beauty, wit and charisma.

It was for his wit that Zeus chose Paris to judge between the three goddesses--a choice that led, as the dream synchronistically foretold, to the burning of Troy.


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