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Readings and Courses from Kim Falconer

Good vibe Astrology


World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars. 

Get on board with your divine nature! Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself unconditionally.

This is what Good Vibe Astrology is all about - a fast track to 'know thyself' and others, opening doors to the infinite possibilities of creation.

Learn how to harness the stars to support your highest expansion and
amp up success through courses, forums, call-ins and resources.

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The Open membership is free for those keen to learn more about Astrology for Deliberate Creators, the union of astrology and the Law of attraction!

Check out ongoing and new courses for full members. Start dates and our free monthly calls are listed as well.

See you there!

Readings from Kim

For information on my readings and availability, please click CONTACT KIM above. 2017 book is closed at this time, but there are reports available, and the new Karmic Reading is coming soon.

What people are saying about Kim's readings

I very much want to let you know how both impressed and deeply moved I was listening to your reading. - Peter L. June 2013

Thank you so much for your informative, detailed, wonderfully supported and guiding thoughts on all that I wanted to know, plus more! Carolyn McCallum, Feng Shui Harmony April 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you – this is AWESOME!!!! I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps as I read your words and recognized ME – oh my, it was as if you knew me better than I do ;-) Pernille Aug 2012

* This reading was a like lightening bolt directly to my soul!  I'm still reeling . . . Greg May 2012

* It was much longer and more detailed than I was expecting (YAY!!) and has already begun having a very powerful impact on my outlook and attitude. Lisa March 2011

* WOWZERS. My reading with Kim totally rocked my world. It was extremely eye opening. Ariel April 2011

* You are so right on it's like you are in my head!!! Sophie Oct 2010

* This is amazing!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how your words came at just the right time . . . Karin Oct 2010

* This is exactly what's been going on . . . Tia Oct 2010

* I so appreciate the "tips" and am in awe to receive this gift from you . . . Julie Oct 2010

* Wow, Kim, I’m still digesting your words! It’s as if you’ve just opened a window to my soul and let me see what I never saw before!!!! - Pernile Oct 2010

Kim Falconer logoEROS Natal Report $29.00 AUD (Please write Date out Jan 1, 1975)

Enter Birth Date/Time//Place

What is the mythology of your soul? Where does your creative passion lie? Sexuality? Intimacy? How can you awaken your love and enthusiasm for life? Discovering the secrets of Eros can help you understand these and other difficult questions about love, creativity, passion and bliss. The personalized Natal Eros Report takes a fresh look YOUR astrology Chart, delineating asteroid 344 Eros by house, sign and aspect in relationship to planets points and other asteroids.

Uplifting, affirming and insightful, Eros Reports go where no other Astrology Report has ever gone - to the god of love. Approximately 30-40+ pages depending on your contacts, this report is emailed to you in a .pdf attachment. The content is geared towards the general community (jargon free) as well as astrologers looking to enhance their understanding of this and other asteroids. With relevant quotes by great individuals from Plato to Jung, Sappho to Hikmet, the symbols of union and creative passion present as a personal guide to understanding the people and things you love the most. This report takes into consideration major planets, asteroids, vertex, Aries Point, Fortuna and declinations.

Please include your name, date, time and place of birth in the NOTES. --If the "notes" do no show up in your PayPal order form, please email me your birth data with Eros Natal Report in the subject bar. Thanks!

pdf image 9 page sample report



Kim Falconer logoEROS Relationship Reports

Looking to find out more about a current, past or potential relationship? Choose the Eros Relationship Report and investigate the chemistry between you and another. This report examines the synastry between two natal charts and the composite chart (mid-point method) including composite houses, signs and aspects. In 40-60+ pages, Eros is compared and contrasted between the natal planets two individuals, shedding light on the nature of intimate and creative relationships. You will discover your Composite Eros sign, house and aspects as well as your synastry Eros comparisons using major planets, asteroids, vertex, Aries Point, Fortuna and declinations when applicable.

# 1 $75.00 AUD Relationship Report for 2 people (if no Natal Eros Reports have been done for these 2 people)

# 2 $49.00 AUD Relationship Report for 2 people ( I have already done BOTH Natal Eros Reports)

# 3 $99.00 AUD Bonus Relationship Report (includes highlights of both Natal charts - Eros sign, house and closest 3 aspects AND the full Relationship Report together)  

To purchase: Email me with 'Eros Relationship Report # . . . ' in the subject bar and I will send you a PayPal request. Be sure to include data for both people - Date, Time and Place of birth. Current waiting :Email me for availability

E-Books Special $1.99


Money FaucetAstro-Money-Mojo FREE at

by Kim Falconer. This ebook is designed to help you leverage the Law of Attraction AND your personal astrology to release money issues and let the good times roll!

Using your sun sign, Kim Falconer’s Astro-Money-Mojo helps bust family myths, biases and gremlins so you can float downstream towards your own natural wealth and happiness. A 10,000 word eBook full of tips and exercises, Astro-Money-Mojo will put you on course straight towards financial freedom and the life you want to lead.



Pluto_moureaFREE at

Kim Falconer & Mystic Medusa's Sign By Sign e-book on Pluto In Capricorn till 2024! Tells It Like It Is! Includes mythology of Pluto and Capricorn, the crossing of the Zero Degree Point release techniques and links, astronomy and more! 143 Pages and over 24,000 word PDF, this e-book can help you understand the time of Pluto in Capricorn for yourself and any other sign in your life! View the 9 page sampler .PDF


Support Planet Earth!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi

Ian Sommerhalder Foundation Logo


We talk much about the power of animals to guide and aid us, but what are we doing for them? Millions of creatures without a voice can use our support. In the spirit of reverence for all life, 10% of all proceeds from my reading is donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Let's to what we can to save our planet. :)

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