Transcendental Potential

Quantum Transcendance

(1) Quantum objects or waves of possibility are transcendent potentials existing outside of space and time effecting space and time." (Goswami, n.d.)


(2) Alain Aspects experiments demonstrate Transcendental Potential: More than a few minds boggled when Alain Aspect’s team of physicist at the University of Paris' Institute of Optics discovered that subatomic particles could instantly communicate with each other at faster than light speeds. This phenomenon conflicts with Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, which expressly forbids speeds exceeding that of light. Einstein said this would allow for time travel, a notion he considered too paradoxical to consider. (Universe as hologram,2005)


(3) If particles are not sending signals at faster than light speeds, it means that something even more bizarre might be going on. On the subatomic level, the distinction between observer and object disappears. Time flows both forward and backward symmetrically, location becomes 'nonlocality", indeterminate, and ‘matter’ is mostly empty space. What we 'see' has more to do with our consciousness than anything that might be 'out there'. (Goswami, 1995, p. 107) Read the full article here . . .

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